Our last day at the festival was about as exciting as they come!  After the late night in Chicago the night before, we were all able to sleep in a bit before soundcheck for our final performance, which was on campus at UW-Parkside.
final concerts-1475

After lunch, we were joined by guests from across southern Wisconsin and the Chicago area for our final concert of the festival.

final concerts-1460

We had a wonderful time playing in the stunning Bedford Concert Hall at UWP!

final concerts-1487

At intermission, Robert Schneider of the Kenosha Community Foundation, one of fresh inc’s generous funders, joined us on stage to announce a commission prize for the festival.  Festival composer Jared Miller received a commission from the Kenosha Community Foundation and donor Tom Targos to write a piece for flute, clarinet, and bassoon, which will be premiered in Kenosha this September!  Congratulations, Jared!

final concerts-1013

Following the performance, we had a lovely reception with concert guests, donors, participants, and faculty members.  It was a great opportunity for our participants to get to talk with members from the Kenosha community and celebrate the great work they completed at the festival!

final concerts-1049

After the reception, we all gathered in the recital hall to take a million group pictures, which was a ton of fun for everyone.

final concerts-1052

final concerts-1058

We had one last dinner together on campus, followed by our final smores night — a fresh inc tradition!

final concerts-1101

Everyone checked out and headed home (or to their next festival) on Monday morning, and 5HE can’t wait to see what new collaborations and projects come out of the relationships built and work done at fresh inc 2014.  Congratulations to our class of 2014!

final concerts-1079


Early Saturday morning, we loaded the bus, as well as a few cars, to head to Chicago for an epic day of performances!

Our first stop was Make Music Chicago!
final concerts-1203

We played in a large room at Roosevelt University in the loop with huge windows on to Wabash Ave.  Our first performer, Jessica Pollack, played her solo outside to help encourage passersby to come in and join us, and we played for a packed room at Roosevelt!

final concerts-1228

final concerts-1212

We had Potbelly for lunch, and the participants were able to wander around for a little bit before we loaded the bus to head to destination number two: Constellation!

final concerts-1281

Despite the crazy traffic trying to get over to Western Ave, we made it to Constellation in time for a smooth soundcheck.  Following soundcheck, we had Lou Malnati’s pizza delivered for dinner and had a bit of a break before concert time!

final concerts-1263

Our final concert at Constellation was a huge success, and it was great to have an almost full house for our participants — including fresh inc 2013 alum Evan Williams!

final concerts-1273

final concerts-1007

Following the concert, we were able to mingle with our audience members, take some photos, and hang out before we had to pack up the bus and trek back to Kenosha!  

final concerts-1006


After breakfast on the final Friday of fresh inc, the participants presented their New Venture Challenges.  During the first day of the festival, participants were split into groups, and each group had to work up a project proposal for one of the performance venues from the festival.

fresh inc - week 2-1168 (1)

fresh inc - week 2-1162 (1)

These presentations are an exciting part of the festival for us because it’s really cool to see our participants start to put the information they’re learning to use!

fresh inc - week 2-1172 (1)

After a quick break, we had four members of other chamber ensembles join us up on campus for a panel discussion.

fresh inc - week 2-1204

We’re very grateful that Ryan Muncy, Doug Perkins, Steven Burns, and Rob Dillon made the trek up to Kenosha to talk to us and then join us for lunch!

fresh inc - week 2-1240

Each panel participant talked about the structure of their group, their interactions with composers and their commissioning processes, and projects they’ve worked on.  Melissa helped moderate the session, and I’d say it was a huge success and much appreciated by our participants!  It was also great to have them join us for lunch after the session so we could continue the conversations a little longer.

fresh inc - week 2-1230

After lunch, we had our dress rehearsal for our UWP performance, a couple of composition lessons, and an impromptu salon to play a few more pieces for the group.

fresh inc - day 12-1027

Before dinner, our four fresh inc 2.0 participants, participants who returned to the festival for a second year, presented the projects that they’ve been working on as part of their time at the festival.  We’re all insanely proud of the work Andrew O’Connor, bass, Dani Simandl, violin, Rachael Claire Eid-Ries, viola, and Alex Cooke, composer, did, and we’re looking forward to seeing these projects grow outside of fresh inc!

fresh inc - day 12-1016

fresh inc - day 12-1018

fresh inc - day 12-1013

After dinner, we had our dress rehearsal for our Constellation Chicago performance, and then we all hit the sack for a busy Saturday!

fresh inc - day 12-1007

The final Thursday of fresh inc 2014 was an intense rehearsal and lesson day for the participants.

fresh inc - week 2-1194

Instrumentalists spent most of the day in rehearsals or lessons and practicing, and some of the fresh inc 2.0 participants had meetings with faculty members to work on their projects.

fresh inc - week 2-1171

The composers had a forum with Stacy and Dan on self promotion, and a coupe of composers gave their presentations as well.

fresh inc - week 2-1178

Following dinner, we had an exciting double Skype session with composers Austin Wintory and Hummie Mann.

Austin went first and talked about how he came to compose music for video games, and he filled us in on his fascinating story of being introduced to music and composition and what got him interested.  He filled us in on current and upcoming projects, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what he’s up to next!

fresh inc - week 2-1114 (1)

After we spoke with Austin for a while, we dialed in Hummie Mann.  Hummie talked about his work in film and television composition, his path to where he is now, and upcoming projects!

fresh inc - week 2-1122 (1)

It was great to hear some incredible insights from experts in the field of media composition, and this evening’s session definitely opened up many doors in the minds of our participants!


Wednesday morning was jam packed with rehearsals, lessons, and practicing!  After the workshop heavy day on Tuesday, it was nice to get back to the nitty gritty of rehearsing and working on getting our pieces performance ready Wednesday morning.

fresh inc - week 2-1186

fresh inc - week 2-1181

fresh inc - week 2-1180

After lunch, we loaded the cars and headed to the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha — one of our favorite days at the festival, and one of the most memorable events for our participants.

fresh inc - week 2-1161

Downstairs, an awesome group of participants gave a performance of Music Can Tell A Story for the younger kids.

fresh inc - week 2-1149

Upstairs, another awesome group of participants lead a Young Composers Workshop for the older kids.

Fresh Inc - Week 2-1045

I could go on and on about the performance and workshop, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :).

Fresh Inc - Week 2-1077

Fresh Inc - Week 2-1081

Fresh Inc - Week 2-1093

After the Boys and Girls Club performances, we headed back to campus to finish up the day.  Shortly after we returned, the festival’s three participating harpists joined the composers forum to talk about writing for harp and do some instrument demos.

fresh inc - week 2-1177

Following the harp demo, 5HE’s violinist Drew talked to the composers about writing for young violinists.  Drew has an extensive studio of young students in Chicago, and he’s worked with a number of composers to expand the repertoire available for young violinists.

fresh inc - week 2-1172

The rest of the instrumentalists had the afternoon off to practice or have lessons.

fresh inc - week 2-1112

Following dinner was our final salon night of the festival!

fresh inc - day 10-1171

We had some incredible works performed by participants that they brought to the festival to perform or that they collaborated with others during the festival to put together.

fresh inc - day 10-1141

We also heard performances of pieces that were being rehearsed at the festival before closing day 10. 
fresh inc - day 10-1126