As you might have noticed by checking out the 2013 performance schedule, we have a ton of exciting performance opportunities at this year’s festival!

Just like last year, we will perform at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Rush Hour Concerts (as part of the Make Music Chicago Grand Finale), and have two final performances, plus well as our salon nights on campus.  And the concerts we’ve added are equally as exciting!  We’ll be heading up the road to Racine, Wisconsin to perform at the Racine Art Museum, and we’ll make an additional trip into Chicago for a performance on the Chicago Cultural Center’s Classical  Mondays series in Preston Bradley Hall.  We’re really looking forward to hearing all of the exciting music our participants have to share with the world this summer!

But how will we decide what to program on these six performances?  I’m so glad you asked!  In addition to the extensive list of repertoire that our participants will be rehearsing at the festival, which includes 15 pieces commissioned for the festival by our participating composers, we are also inviting our participants to audition pieces to perform at the Milwaukee and Racine Art Museums and the Chicago Cultural Center.  On the first day of the festival, participants will have the chance to audition short pieces, including works for toy piano, and our faculty members will have the difficult but exciting task of selecting which pieces will be played on which programs.  This means that not only do you have SIX chances to experience fresh inc in performance, but each of these performances will be distinctly different!  So you should probably try to catch them all!



And we’re back!  Part 2 of your sneak peeks into fresh inc as we get closer and closer to this year’s festival!  This week, our staff has been busy getting scores and parts out to our participants and reserving large motor coach buses to get us to and from our performances in Chicago, Evanston, and Milwaukee.  They definitely don’t teach you how to book motor coach buses in music or theatre school (I went to the latter, although I know most of you went to the former), but when you gotta do it, you gotta learn it!  And it’s actually not that hard!  

Kevin Clark HeadshotAnd here’s your actual sneak peek: three weeks from today, on the first Thursday of the festival, faculty members Melissa Snoza, Stacy Garrop, and Dan Visconti will be joined via Skype by Kevin Clark, a composer and the communications manager for New Music USA, to team lead a workshop on fundraising that will cover grant writing and fundraising for musicians and composers.

They’ll also discuss Kevin’s area of expertise: crowdfunding.  Kevin will share the nuts and bolts and practical steps of using crowdfunding in a number of capacities, and we’ll also see what kind of observations he might have on the larger landscape of funding for artists and why this is such a good option for many of us.

Melissa, 5HE’s flutist and executive director, is our grant writing genius, and both Stacy and Dan have applied for, and won, a number of grants each as well (including with 5HE!).  We’re also excited to hear about New Music USA’s grant giving process and some recent changes they’ve made to their giving strategy.  As some of you might know, 5HE was a recent winner of a New Music USA grant to fund the commission of Caleb Burhans’ chamber opera Excelsior, A New Music USA Commission*, which we premiered in March.  

And lastly, here’s a shameless plug for you!  Speaking of Caleb Burhans’ Excelsior, Fifth House Ensemble is hosting a reprise performance of the piece.  On Sunday, June 2, 2013, 5HE will make its Constellation debut here in Chicago.  Constellation is Chicago’s new premiere new music venue, and this exciting program will also be Caleb’s midwest release party for his new album on Cantaloupe Records.  We hope you’ll join us at 8:30pm on 6/2 for an exciting performance in addition to joining us at as many fresh inc performances as possible!

*Excelsior was commissioned through New Music USA’s Commissioning Music/USA program, which is made possible by generous support form the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Helen F. Whitaker Fund.



Three Weeks Away!

Day6-65Guess what!!  We’re now just under the three week mark until the 2013 fresh inc festival!  Everyone here at Team Fifth House could not be more excited to be heading to Kenosha to spend two glorious weeks working with our fabulous roster of participants this year.  In the past few weeks, 5HE staff has been working tirelessly to prepare for the festival.  I’m going to try to give you a sneak peeks into our preparation as we get closer and closer to June 9, 2013.

Some of the things we’ve been working on in the last weeks and months include:

  • booking a number of performance opportunities to make sure our instrumentalists and composers are heard by as many people as possible
  • drafting a contact sheet so all of our participating composers and instrumentalists know how to get a hold of each other and us
  • selecting and assigning repertoire to musicians, and then split the repertoire into rehearsal blocks (and make sure no one is double booked!)
  • creating a schedule of events for the festival, including working with our guest experts to schedule their workshops
  • collecting parts & scores from participating composers and for the standard rep works we’ll be rehearsing and playing
  • collecting emergency contact forms & travel forms from our participants
  • reserving buses to get us to and from our performances in Chicago, Evanston, and Milwaukee
  • sending out press releases to area media outlets to let them know about our performances
  • updating our outreach workshop scripts to allow for fresh inc participants to join us on an outreach visit
  • and a plethora of other things

And while there is still a lot to do, we can’t wait to be on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and get our hands dirty with some killer music and awesome workshops!  If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out who is joining us for this year’s festival, and mark your calendars for when you can see them perform — you definitely won’t want to miss these opportunities!

Check back in a day or two to hear more about our preparation and planning for the 2013 fresh inc festival, as well as to learn about what will be keeping us busy during the festival!


2013 fresh inc Participants

Fifth House Ensemble and the 2013 fresh inc festival are excited to be welcoming the following composers, instrumentalists, and ensembles to this year’s festival!  Please mark your calendars for our fresh inc performances so that you don’t miss any chances to hear music written and performed by this outstanding roster of artists!

Nick Baskin
Jabez Samuel Co
Alexander Cooke
John Dorhauer
Matthew Entwistle
Justin Giarrusso
Tomas Gueglio
Matthew Kline
Seunghee Lee
Patrick O’Malley
Rene Orth
Danielle Rabinowitz
Grace Xu Schott*
Evan Williams
Kevin Wilt*

* 2012 Rapido! Composition Contest Midwest Region Semi-Finalists

Emlyn Johnson, flute
Allison Pickett, oboe
Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, saxophone
Kelly Kasle, bassoon
Danielle Simandl, violin
Kate Kroko, viola
Marta Honer, viola
Rachael Eid-Ries, viola
Rita Andrade, viola
William Gage Ehmann, cello
Matthew Kline, bass
Andrew O’Connor, bass
Milo Fultz, bass
Deborah Hui, piano
Ryan Greene, piano
Megan Ihnen, mezzo-soprano
Jennifer Ellis, harp

Latitude 49
Jason Paige, clarinet
Andy Hall, saxophone
Timothy Steeves, violin
Jacobsen Woollen, cello
Jani Parsons, piano
Chris Sies, percussion


2012 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sunday, June 17, 2012


Walter Piston – Divertimento for Nine Instruments – I. Allegro
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, two violins, viola, cello and double bass


Rafael Valle – Le Miroir Inverse
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and french horn


Viola Yip – I Hear That Voice
for bass clarinet, piano, cello, and alto saxophone


Eugene Astapov – Nibiru
for baritone saxophone and cello


Sydney Kjerstad – So Totally, Shamelessly Cheesy, You Guys
for soprano saxophone and cello


Chelsea Reisner – Aequorea
for flute, cello, and piano


Jesse Limbacher – Air
for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon


Jason Charney – Minitrio
for soprano saxophone, percussion, and piano


Dimitri Shostakovich – Quintet for Strings and Piano – III.Scherzo
for two violins, viola, cello, and piano


Justino Perez – I Just Lost To Myself at Hide and Seek
for piccolo trumpet in A, tenor saxophone, and bassoon


Max Pankau – Four Caricatures – I.Hammer Toss, II.What Else?, III.Delta Boy, IV.Ok Maceo
for trumpet, saxophones (soprano,alto,tenor), bassoon,and piano


Andrew Watts – All Roads Lead to…
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano


Haley Shaw – Speakpiece
for alto flute, bass clarinet, and cello


Alex Temple – Party at the Last Resort
for flute, english horn, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano