2013 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
Bedford Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dan Visconti – Ramble and Groove
for solo bassoon; Performed by Karl Rzasa


Evan Williams – Grime
for violin, viola, cello and double bass; Performed by Andrew Williams, Rachael Claire Eid-Ries, William Gage Ehmann, and Andrew O’Connor


Matthew Entwistle – Midnight Arboretum
for two Saxophones and piano; Performed by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andy Hall, and Jani Parsons


Nick Baskin – Aubade
for viola, flute, and harp; Performed by Emlyn Johnson, Clark Carruth, and Jennifer R. Ellis


Matthew Kline – Four Perspectives
for oboe, viola, bassoon, and percussion; Performed by Crystal Hall, Kelly Kasle, Marta Honer, and Chris Sies


Shawn Jaeger – In Old Virginny
for mezzo-soprano and double bass; Performed by Megan Ihnen and Eric Snoza


Justin Giarrusso – September Scrapbook
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano; Performed by Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Jacobsen Woollen, and Ryan Greene


Kevin Wilt – Groove Incubation
for 2 double basses, 2 cellos, and 2 violas; Performed by Marta Honer, Rita Andrade, Jacobsen Woollen, William Gage Ehmann, Eric Snoza, Milo Fultz


Grace Xu Schott – Lift Up Your Voice to the Clouds
for mezzo-soprano, piano, and viola; Performed by Megan Ihnen, Clark Carruth, and Deborah K. Hui


Seunghee Lee – Quintet
for clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, and double bass; Performed by Crystal Hall, Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Rita Andrade, Matthew Kline


Tomás Gueglio – Sur la !ûte traversière
for clarinet, flute, violin, cello, piano, and percussion; Performed by Emlyn Johnson, Jennifer Woodrum, Andrew Williams, W. Gage Ehmann, Ryan Greene, and Chris Sies


Patrick O’Malley – Changes
for violin, cello, and saxophone; Performed by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andrew Williams, William Gage Ehmann

Day 10 at fresh inc dawned nice and sunny, and most of our participants were able to have a slow start to the day.  First thing that morning, we had a run through rehearsal for our Make Music Chicago Grand Final concert, which included GRIME by fresh inc composer Evan Williams.

ezra and arts 2.0-1013

We continued the morning with rehearsals and composition lessons, and the festival composers were all assigned a time to meet with a 5HE member to practice their spoken introductions of their pieces for our final performances.

ezra and arts 2.0-1006

Chicago artists Ezra Claytan Daniels, of Black Violet writing and illustrating fame, joined us for lunch before our afternoon of workshops!

ezra and arts 2.0-1018

ezra and arts 2.0-1021

ezra and arts 2.0-1032

After lunch, Ezra lead a Music and Storytelling workshop, during which he talked about the artistic process he used while he was collaborating with 5HE to create Black Violet.  fresh inc participants were given the chance to create and present their own music & storytelling presentations using an excerpt from the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor.

ezra and arts 2.0-1038

ezra and arts 2.0-1055

ezra and arts 2.0-1077

We took a quick break after Ezra’s workshop, and then Melissa and Eric led the group through the Putting Your Audience Center Stage workshop.

ezra and arts 2.0-1112

After one more rehearsal block and set of lessons, we had dinner and were able to unpack some of the things we talked about during the day.

salon night 3-1013

salon night 3-1032

Day 10 closed with our third salon night, during which we heard even more incredible music by our amazing participants!  Featured this night were a number of pieces that were rehearsed at the festival but ended up not being programmed on one of our final concerts.

salon night 3-1045

salon night 3-1037


And we’re back to finish filling you in on all of the exciting things that happened at the 2013 festival!  After an exciting Alexander Technique workshop with John Henes of Northwestern University, a lovely lunch on the patio outside of the dining hall, some rehearsing, and a composers workshop on speaking about music, we loaded the cars and headed to the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha for a performance of Music Can Tell A Story and a Young Composers Workshop!

day 7 - carole-1023

Festival participants Allison, Rachael, and Andrew were joined by 5HE’s Jenny to present a performance of 5HE’s music & storytelling One-Shot!, Music Can Tell A Story, for the elementary aged kids at the B&G Club.  Deborah, Kelly, and Gage were on hand to help us out with video documentation and passing out materials, as well as to observe the performance.

boys and girls club - education-1007

MCTAS started out with Rachael reading the “I will not tease Rebecca Grimes” while the rest of the musicians accompanied her.  The performance continued with the kids indicating which instrument was playing the melody using their arms!

boys and girls club - education-1012

Jenny helped the kids write their own adventure story by asking them to choose critical aspects of the story based off their interpretation of the music!  And to finish out the performance, the kids’ adventure story was read while the musical inspiration was played!  An amazing musical adventure was had by all, young and old!

boys and girls club - education-1025

boys and girls club - education-1022


While Music Can Tell A Story was happening downstairs with the younger kids, more fresh inc participants and faculty members were upstairs leading a Young Composers Workshop with the high school kids at the Boys & Girls Club!  Throughout this workshop, the kids learned about writing music and graphic scores and they were given the opportunity to create graphic scores of their own while working with festival participants.

boys and girls club-1035

boys and girls club-1031

boys and girls club-1033

Once their graphic scores were written, the B&G Club young composers presented them to the group, and the participating musicians used improvised music to perform what the kids had written!  The workshop ended with a question an answer session and a little bit of one-on-one time with everyone.

boys and girls club-1011

boys and girls club-1062

boys and girls club-1075

boys and girls club-1024

boys and girls club-1007

boys and girls club-1089


After we returned from the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, we rounded the day out with one more set of rehearsals and composition lessons, dinner, and a well deserved night off!  Stay tuned for more fresh inc 2013 recap posts!  I promise we won’t keep you waiting as long this time!




Wow!  It’s hard to believe that the 2013 festival is over!  We all got caught up making music, attending workshops, and traveling to performances, that we got a little behind on our fresh inc recap blog posts!  Now that we’re beginning to catch back up on our sleep, I’ll be posting a recap a day to catch us back up and fill you in on all of our amazing activities!

Day 9 of the 2013 fresh inc festival was no less exciting than any of the previous days!  The morning started out with composition lessons and rehearsals, and then we had our first workshop of the day: Alexander Technique with John Henes from Northwestern University.  John spent a short amount of time introducing the Alexander Technique, explaining its importance, and answering questions.  But most of the workshop was spent doing demonstrations and adjustments with a handful of our participants.

alexander technique-1004

alexander technique-1007

alexander technique-1009

alexander technique-1013

alexander technique-1019

alexander technique-1020

alexander technique-1025

alexander technique-1043

After lunch, we had some more rehearsals, including some coachings with composers, lessons, and the composers had a workshop on speaking about music.  They used this time to help craft & practice their introductions for their pieces at our final concerts.

day 7 - carole-1020

day 7 - carole-1018

day 7 - carole-1005

day 7 - carole-1007

day 7 - carole-1004

composition meeting-1003

composition meeting-1009
And this is just part 1 of what we did on day 9 of the festival!  We also went to the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to hold not one, but TWO education workshops for their students!  For the younger kids, we had fresh inc participants join 5HE member Jenny to perform our Music Can Tell A Story One-Shot! concert.  And for the older kids, we had composers and instrumentalists work together to present a Young Composers Workshop.  As you can imagine, these were both pretty exciting, which is why they’ll have their own post!  Stay tuned!





The second week of fresh inc 2013 started bright and early!  We had breakfast an hour early, and then we boarded the bus for the Chicago Cultural Center for the third performance of the festival!  We battled traffic into the city, and successfully arrived on time, and then we finished sound check in an impressively efficient amount of time.

preston bradley hall-1011

preston bradley hall-1018

After our sound check, we were joined by Deborah Sobol, Creative Director of Rush Hour Concerts, for a lunch time workshop.  Deborah talked about the inception of Rush Hour, what inspired her to start the series, and her approach to programming.

debbie sobol-1032


After lunch, we rushed (pun intended!) down to Preston Bradley Hall for the performance.  For the third time this festival, we were blown away by these performances.  This concert was especially exciting because not only did we have a couple of duos perform, we also heard from larger ensembles mixed with participants and 5HE members.  These mixed ensembles were an exciting preview of what’s to come on our final performances.

preston bradley hall-1013

preston bradley hall-1059

preston bradley hall-1067

preston bradley hall-1087

preston bradley hall-1091

After the performance, we boarded the bus back to Kenosha and made it back just in time for a social media and marketing workshop, which included James Buckhouse, director of corporate design at Twitter.  We learned about websites, social media, and using a story to promote yourself.  We finished the day out with rehearsals and a relatively early evening.

debbie sobol-1008

preston bradley hall-1075

preston bradley hall-1086