Nichols Hall, Music Institute of Chicago
Saturday, June 22, 2013
7:00pm, free admission


Stacy Garrop, Frammenti
Melissa Snoza, Crystal Hall, Jennifer Woodrum, Andrew Williams, Clark Carruth, Herine Coetzee Koschak, Eric Snoza, Jani Parsons

Tomas Gueglio, Sextet
Latitude 49: Jason Paige, Andy Hall, Timothy Steeves, Jacobsen Woollen, Jani Parsons, Chris Sies

John Dorhauer, Puzzle Lunch Tulips Cheezborger
Latitude 49: Jason Paige, Andy Hall, Timothy Steeves, Jacobsen Woollen, Jani Parsons, Chris Sies

Danielle Rabinowitz, Mo(u)rning
Melissa Snoza, Jacobsen Woollen, Deborah K. Hui

Jabez Co, the Jabberwock
Megan Ihnen, Melissa Snoza, Rita Andrade, Milo Futz, Jennifer Ellis

Patrick O’Malley, Rhapsody
Allison Pickett, Andy Hall, Kelly Hofman, Katie Kroko, Matthew Kline

Alexander Cooke, Apricity
Melissa Snoza, Crystal Hall, Jason Paige, Kelly Kasle, Kelly Hofman, Timothy Steeves, Marta Honer, William Gage Ehmann, Andrew O’Connor, Deborah K. Hui

Rene Orth, Come and Go
Emlyn Johnson, Allison Pickett, Jennifer Woodrum, Karl Rzasa, Kelly Hofman, Danielle Simandl, Katie Kroko, Herine Coetzee Koschak, Eric Snoza, Ryan Greene

Jake Heggie, Statuesque
Megan Ihnen, Emlyn Johnson, Jason Paige, Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Danielle Simandl, Herine Coetzee Koschak, Milo Fultz, Jani Parsons


Bedford Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sunday, June 23, 2013
Dan Visconti, Ramble and Groove
Karl Rzasa

Evan Williams, GRIME
Andrew Williams, Rachael Claire Eid-Ries, William Gage Ehmann, Andrew O’Connor

Matthew Entwistle, Midnight Arboretum
Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andy Hall, Jani Parsons

Nick Baskin, Aubade
Emlyn Johnson, Clark Carruth, Jennifer R. Ellis

Matthew Kline, Four Perspectives
Crystal Hall, Kelly Kasle, Marta Honer, Chris Sies

Shawn Jeager, In Old Virginny
Megan Ihnen, Eric Snoza

Justin Giarrusso, September Scrapbook
Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Jacobsen Woollen, Ryan Greene

Kevin Wilt, Groove Incubation
Marta Honer, Rita Andrade, Jacobsen Woollen, William Gage Ehmann, Eric Snoza, Milo Fultz

Grace Xu Schott, Lift Your Voice Up To The Clouds
Megan Ihnen, Clark Carruth, Deborah K. Hui

Seunghee Lee, Quintet
Crystal Hall, Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Rita Andrade, Matthew Kline

Tomas Gueglio, Sur la flûte traversiére
Emlyn Johnson, Jennifer Woodrum, Andrew Williams, William Gage Ehmann, Ryan Greene, Chris Sies

Patrick O’Malley, Changes
Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andrew Williams, William Gage Ehmann


Day 5 at the festival was no less exciting than days 1-4!  The instrumentalists spent the morning in the rehearsal room, and the composers spent the morning in forums.  And some participants were even able to squeeze in a lesson!

day 4 - carole-1021

day 4 - carole-1011

day 4 - carole-1015

After lunch, we loaded up our cars, and we headed to Racine for a performance at the Racine Art Museum.  We had 90 minutes to play, so we had a great time selecting pieces to fill the time, and we heard to amazing performances!  I think the highlight of the evening was percussionist Chris Sies starting the program off with an extremely loud strike on the snare drum that inadvertently startled a number of people, who then poured out of the office and galleries to be mesmerized.





We have one more day to recap until our day off!  Stay tuned for our Saturday update!


Day four of the 2013 festival was our first heavy rehearsal day.  Over the course of the day, 22 pieces rehearsed!  We’re starting to get into second rehearsals for pieces, so composers have started attending rehearsals of their pieces so that they can do some coaching and assisting.  I got to sneak into a couple of rehearsals, and it was really cool to see everyone in action, and the excitement on the faces of composers hearing their pieces played for the first time!

day 4 - carole-1017


day 4 - carole-1024

I snuck past a few practice rooms to peek in on some practicing.  Man, did we hit the jackpot of awesomeness with our participants this year!

day 4 - carole-1016

We took a little bit of time out of our rehearsing to attend one workshop on day 4 about fundraising!  This insightful workshop started out with a flash mob performing David Lang’s Pay Me Now, which is being rehearsed at the festival!  Then, Kevin Clark, composer and New Music USA communications manager, phoned in via Skype to talk about one of his particular areas of expertise: crowd funding.  And Melissa, Stacy, and Dan all contributed information about grants, individual giving, coporate giving, and more.  I can definitely say that our participants got a LOT out of this workshop, and I think this one has had the most questions thus far!

grant writing-1003

grant writing-1011

grant writing-1045

While our instrumentalists are rehearsing, the composers are attending forums and presentations and having private lessons with Stacy and Dan.  On day 4, I stopped by the composer forum to see a little bit of festival harpist Jennifer Ellis explaining the inner workings of a harp, giving some pointers on writing for harp, and demonstrating some of the tricks harpists have up their sleeves!

day 4 - carole-1007

After dinner, we had our first participant salon night!  We heard some pretty amazing stuff, including a bassoon sonata, a trumpet solo with audio, JacobTVs The Body Of Your Dreams, self compositions, a piece from a contemporary opera, and more!

salon night 1-1032

salon night 1-1054

And if that wasn’t enough, the night ended with some of our participants having a crazy awesome jam session!  Never have I ever heard harp, piano, sax, electric guitar, a drum set, a double bass, and a viola all jamming at one time, but I’d definitely listen to that again any day!  Be sure to check back tomorrow!  Day 5 includes a trip the Racine Art Museum for the second performance of the festival!

day 4 - carole-1027




Day three of the festival started off on a hilarious and educational note!  (HA!  See what I did there?)


Our first workshop of the day was a rehearsal technique and and rehearsal coaching workshop.  Jenny and Crystal spent the first half of the workshop demonstrating and talking about ways to work through some issues that might arise, as well as various rehearsal techniques.  They also filled everyone in on 5HE’s tardiness policy: when you’re late to rehearsal, the next time you rehearse, you have to bring your ensemble members coffee.


The second half of the workshop, composers in residence Stacy and Dan lead a rehearsal coaching workshop; they demonstrated do’s and don’t’s for composers coaching ensembles in rehearsal.  Their portion started with Dan demonstrating multiple things a composer should not do when coaching, and then Stacy demonstrated what to do.  While preparing for this workshop, most faculty members could be heard calling this the Goofus and Gallant rehearsal workshop. Fifth House Ensemble members stayed in the rehearsal room and had a rehearsal for Stacy Garrop’s Frammenti, which they will perform at the Saturday, June 22 final performance at Nichols Hall in Evanston.


Before lunch, Nancy Bieshcke of Cedille Records stopped by to give a workshop on recording contracts.  She talked about some of the multiple ways artists might go about recording an album and also pointed out that there is no text book way to do it.




After some more rehearsals in the afternoon, Herine led a resume, bio writing, and interview skills workshop, complete with demonstrations of both a horrible and awful interview with help from Drew and Clark.  I think the best part of the demonstrations was when Herine asked each of them to teach her how to hold a bow.  Drew, the bad interviewer, thrust the bow into her hand and bossed her around like a surly teenager, and Clark’s instructed Herine by having her make a bunny with her fingers.  It was awesomely adorable.


In the afternoon, Drew and Chris stopped by the composers forum for some demonstrations.  Drew talked about writing for young violinists, and Chris gave some demonstrations and explanations about various percussion instruments, sticks & mallets, and techniques.


We finished the evening off with some more rehearsals and a relatively early night.  Well, the schedule ended early, but I heard some pretty awesome practicing going on while walking through the music building at the end of the day.  On Day 4 we have our first participant salon night!  Pretty excited!!


We had a pretty amazing first day, but man, day 2 topped day 1!


After waking up to beautiful sunshine, we started the day off today with an education workshop led by Crystal and Eric.  With a little help from Drew, they explained the different kinds of education and outreach programs we lead, and  even demonstrated some of the activities we lead in education performances!  My favorite activity that they demonstrated involved a jump rope & the speed of its twirl and how that correlated with the tempo of the music.  Festival composer Nick Baskin help Crystal twirl the jump rope beautifully while Drew & Eric played along with the tempo.


After our education workshop, we loaded a bus for our first off site performance!  We headed to Milwaukee and our performing participants left us awestruck with their performances, accompanied by the stunning back drop of the Milwaukee coast of Lake Michigan.  Performances today featured festival participants Danielle Simandl, Rita Andrade, Matt Kline, Rachael Eid-Ries, Jennifer Ellis, Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Elmyn Johnson, and Jabez Co.  What made this performance even more exciting is that in addition to hearing instrumentalists perform, some composers also had the opportunity to perform on their primary instrument.


Once the performance was finished, we loaded the bus, headed back to campus, and Melissa & Jenny presented our Arts Start Up workshop, complete with an activity that involved crayons and an assignment for our participants.


We had time to squeeze in a rehearsal block this afternoon and a couple of composition lessons before dinner, and this evening, we rounded out the day with a workshop about budgeting with Melissa, Stacy, and Dan.


I heard through the grape vine some of our musicians were planning on rehearsing tonight, so the day isn’t quite done for all of us!  Tomorrow night we end with our first participant led salon!