After a morning of lessons and rehearsal, we had Paul Wang join us for his annual marketing presentation!

Entertaining as always, Paul’s presentation was an exciting way to wrap up our lineup of guest experts!

We even got a post-workshop visit from The King himself, 2016 composition alum Ralph Lewis!

After lunch, we got to work running through the final concerts, from blocking to transitions to composer introductions.






Early this morning, the rest of our educational workshop groups got a chance to do their thing! We set up at the Racine YMCA and had simultaneous presentations of Music Can Tell a Story and the Young Composers Workshop.












In the Young Composers Workshop, the kids at the YMCA got to create their own graphic scores and see what happened when our musicians tried playing them.

Later that evening we returned to the Kenosha Public Library for an evening performance of works chosen by our participants!

First thing this morning was our Putting Your Audience Center Stage workshop! Participants learned how to put their audience first in terms of programming decisions, and how to reach the people they want to target.

Then we had some fun cutting up magazines so that everyone could come up with a representation of their ideal audience member and present their marketing strategy.

Later that afternoon, a group traveled to the Racine Public Library for a Music Can Tell a Story workshop!

After a long day, we had one last Salon night in D184 before the prep for the final performances began!

The morning got started with a rehearsal for the participants who will be going out and presenting their own Music Can Tell a Story and Young Composers workshops! After lunch, the whole group got together for our workshop on interview skills and writing bios and resumes.

Dan had the honor of demonstrating one of the worst interviews Herine had ever seen, while Michael demonstrated one of the best.

One of this year’s 2.0 projects got a chance for a full test run later on at The Hobnob, one of Wisconsin’s historic supper clubs!

Cellist Reed Reagan curated the program, working with the Hobnob’s head bartender to craft a cocktail pairing for each piece.

After a day off in the middle of the festival, it was time to get back to work! Week two got started with the Recording Techniques Workshop.

Matt Koschak and his associates from SHURE demonstrated some live recording with the help of some volunteers from the group.

Later in the evening we held our Print Materials that Pop workshop. Participants got some real-world examples of what to do and what not to do when assembling print materials for their performances and personal promotion.