Day 6 kicked off with a workshop on writing bios and resumes, followed by interview skills.











After reviewing some examples of CVs and cover letters, participants were asked to comment on what worked and what didn’t, and left with some instructions on the best practices for revising their own.









Dan and Herine gave a mock interview based on one of Herine’s most horrifying real-life hiring experiences, and Clark came in to save the day and show us what a great interview should look like.









The rest of the day, composers and instrumentalists broke out for comp presentations and rehearsals to prepare for the next week!

Everyone loves playing their instrument first thing in the morning, right? Well, it seemed appropriate for our educational workshop.













Thankfully, we had no trouble getting participants involved for this one!













Clarinetist James Falzone led our first improvisation workshop. After some brief performance examples, he invited volunteers to come up and try some guided improvisation on their instruments.
















We packed a lot in this day, with another workshop led via Skype by James Buckhouse (Dreamworks, Twitter) and an in-depth budgeting, sales and contracts workshop for the full group of participants.
















To cut loose after a long day, we had our first open salon night, were participants were free to perform other pieces that they brought to the festival, or new collaborations that they worked on with others in their short time here so far!


























Our annual trip to the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum happened to be this year’s first run-out performance! Participants are asked to come prepared for additional performances throughout the festival, and they put together an amazing program.













Visitors to the museum were treated to a variety of solo and duo pieces. Cellist Emma Schmiedecke performed the U.S. premiere of Emily Walker’s Three Shorts for Solo Cello!
















We got right back to work after returning to UW-Parkside. While instrumentalists rehearsed some more, composers got to talk about their favorite thing: budgeting!
















We ended the day with a Print Materials workshop. Here’s Melissa showing some examples from other ensembles!


We kicked off day 3 with our Public Speaking workshop led by Melissa, Eric and Katherine!









We talked about the challenges presented by talking about music, and how those apply to writing program notes and presenting them from the stage.









Composers and instrumentalists broke off to get to work – ensembles rehearsed pieces for the final concerts while the first of many composer forums led by Dan and Stacy began.









Before closing out the day with even more rehearsing and composition workshops, the whole group reconvened for the Arts Start Up Workshop. We got into participant’s artistic visions for their projects and how they can channel those into a business plan.









Participants were asked to express their voice in a drawing, and it was so fun seeing what they came up with!

Fresh Inc 2016 - Day 1-1004

Day 1 of fresh inc was missing our traditional s’mores cookout. Don’t let the picture above fool you, we got rained out shortly afterward!

Fresh Inc 2016 - Day 1-1013

Most of us got inside before the downpour, and those of us who didn’t found creative ways to dry off.

Fresh Inc 2016 - Day 2-1029

We kicked things off on Day 2 with a Rehearsal Techniques workshop, then put those ideas into practice with the first block of rehearsals in the afternoon. Composers broke off into groups for opening presentations, and performers auditioned for our run-out performances later in the week!

Fresh Inc 2016 - Day 2-1059

Our faculty salon featured performances of works by composers-in-residence Dan Visconti and Stacy Garrop, and afterwards we finally got our s’mores time in!

Fresh Inc 2016 - Day 2-1073