While there was plenty more going on early in the day in practice rooms, the big highlight of Day 7 was our next Salon Night! Participants went all out before their day off.

Day 6 kicked off with some composition lessons, rehearsals and the second half of the Public Speaking workshop.

Participants were given a chance to practice reading their prepared piece intros using a microphone in front of the rest of the group.

They had a chance to show those piece intros off later that evening at SC Johnson’s Golden Rondelle Theatre, where we traveled for our next run-out performance.

The performance was followed by a Q&A, where the performers were joined by Melissa Snoza to talk to the crowd!

With week 1 nearing a close, Day 5 was largely comprised of rehearsal sessions and comp lessons. We kicked the day off with our Educational Outreach workshop, which prepped our participants for the work they will be doing next week at our public library and YMCA visits!

For our Music Can Tell a Story workshop, a few participants took the role of the kids and drew some images that they thought went along with the musical excerpts that 5HE played for them.

Day 4 kicked off with an exciting first for the festival! Internationally-touring bluegrass group Henhouse Prowlers joined us for an extended workshop on improvisation techniques.

Fifth House has gained so much by performing with Henhouse Prowlers as part of the Voices from the Dust Bowl program that we were excited to bring them in and pass some of that on to our participants.

We split our large group up between 3 rooms, and the members of Henhouse rotated throughout the session to focus on arrangement, accompaniment and solos.

The workshop culminated in a large group performance of two bluegrass tunes that Henhouse brought in, and then they treated us to a lively performance of one of their own songs.

After lunch, two more workshops sandwiched a block of rehearsals. First up was Arts Startup, where participants were given a chance to quickly draft a mission statement and share it with everyone.

Later that evening was College to Career, where members of Fifth House detailed their unique career paths and answered questions about their journey.

Finally, after dinner it was time for our first participant-led Salon Night! Cellist Sam Johnson graciously stepped up to host, and we had some truly incredible performances!

We started off Tuesday morning with a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum, our first of many run-out concerts this year!




























Music on the program varied from the performers’ own compositions to traditional repertoire, to contemporary works – one of which was written by a former fresh inc composer.

We returned for the first part of our public speaking workshop, followed by a whole lot of rehearsal time!