2015 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
Bedford Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sunday, June 21, 2015

Guillaume Connesson – Sextuor
for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, bass and piano

Tyler Versluis – Certain Instants of Seeing Were Like Flowers on the Grave
for oboe, violin, bassoon and piano

Phong Tran – Torsion
for three cellos

James Budinich – Where
for clarinet, saxophone and piano

Michael Rosin – ISS One Year
for string quartet

Sid Richardson – Tendrils
for two flutes, two oboes and bassoon

Michael Vince – Stereoscopic
for clarinet, saxophone, viola, cello and percussion

Heitor Villa Lobos – Jet Whistle, III. Vivo
for flute and cello

Daniel Harrison – Breathing, Being
for clarinet quartet

Libby Larsen – Corker
for clarinet and percussion

Aaron Levin – Springbokkie
for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn and bass


2015 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
Constellation Chicago
Saturday, June 20, 2015

Carlos Bandera – Tetractys
for flute, clarinet and bassoon

William Kenlon – Park Bench at the End of the World
for flute, oboe, viola, cello and bass

Rachel Epperly – Time Arrives
for four flutes

Jonathan Russ – Devotion
for flute, cello and piano

Ábel Esbenshade – Before Death
for clarinet, oboe and bassoon

Yuting Lin – Turner, Rocket, Fire Wheel
for two oboes, two clarinets, bassoon and horn

Sarah Grace Graves – Beets
for clarinet and percussion

Justin Rito – Reaching | Failing
for violin, viola, cello and bass

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1035-XL

On Wednesday, we took a handful of our participants to the local YMCA to have them lead their own outreach program.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1033-XL

They got to show their instruments off to the kids, and then gave them the opportunity to write their own graphic score pieces for different groups of musicians.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1046-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1048-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1080-XL

Guest expert Jeffrey Nytch led a workshop back on campus. A composer, performer and educator himself, he was eager to meet our young professionals and offered some case-specific advice for them.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1026-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1002-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1001-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1001-XL

Participants prepped for some outreach programs in the morning and had a bit of rehearsal time before loading up on a bus to Chicago!

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1024-XL

We got to St. James Cathedral for an ensemble panel featuring Peter McDowell of Eighth Blackbird and Russell Rolen of Spektral Quartet. Moderated by Dan and Stacy, participants got to ask questions from the perspective of both composers and fellow performers.

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1019-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1032-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1031-XL

After the panel, Fifth House Ensemble presented a program of music by Dan Visconti and Stacy Garrop for Rush Hour Concerts. The performance was broadcast on WFMT and can be heard here!

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1037-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1042-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1048-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1055-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1064-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1005-XL

After a relaxing day off on Sunday, students got down to business with a ton of workshops and guest speakers on Monday, and even managed to squeeze some rehearsal time in between!

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1017-XL

Participants took workshops on relating to their audiences and how to budget and sell their performances.

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1013-XL

After some student composer presentations, we welcomed composers Jim Stephenson and Daniel Dorff for guest presentations led by Stacy and Dan.

Fresh Inc - Day 10-1005-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1024-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1028-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 9-1032-XL