Fresh Inc - Day 5-1003-XL

Day 4 kicked off right after breakfast with an Educational Outreach workshop. Participants learned about some ways to effectively add an educational component to music-making, and how to tailor their experience for different school settings.


Fresh Inc - Day 5-1007-XL

After some rehearsal time and a break for lunch, graphic novelist Sarah Becan visited us to lead a workshop on music and storytelling. Having worked with Fifth House Ensemble on Luna De Cuernos, Sarah let students try to create their own stories based on a piece of music.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1035-XL

Everyone split off into groups and worked on crafting a story rather quickly!

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1024-XL

They were then asked to act them out, and that’s where the fun really began!

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1092-XL

Then members of 5HE gave advice to younger instrumentalists and composers on transitioning from college to a full-time career in music.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1098-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1108-XL

Finally, it was time to loosen up with our first open salon performance, with students and faculty presenting new original works by our composition students, improvisations and some pieces that they had been playing for years.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1128-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1141-XL

Oh, and people started trying to learn how to do this hand-whistle thing.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1157-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1009-XL

We started out our day with a public speaking workshop led by the two Erics! Participants learned how to introduce pieces, write program notes and more.

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1022-XL

Recording engineer Bill Maylone joined us for lunch and led another workshop where composers and instrumentalists learned the importance of a good recording, as well as what to expect when arriving at the studio for the first time.

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1035-XL

Later that afternoon we traveled to the lovely DeKoven Center in Racine for our second performance of the festival. Performers set up in St. Johns Cathedral and played a program from various corners of the room for a great end to the day!

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1052-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1065-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1087-XL

Day 2 of fresh inc started off bright and early with a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum! We loaded up buses and set up in the main hall for our first run-out performance of the festival.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1014-XL

Some of the participants who auditioned on Monday got the chance to perform solo and duo works that they brought to the festival, and a crowd of passersby quickly gathered once we began.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1034-XL

After we got back to campus, we moved straight into our Arts Startup workshop, where participants discussed the process of forming their own organizations with the founding members of Fifth House Ensemble.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1151-XL

Finally, there was just enough time for people to get back to rehearsals at the end of the day to prepare for the next set of performances! The schedule ahead is packed for both instrumentalists and composers, so everyone hunkered down and prepared for another day of workshops and a follow-up performance with a whole new group of participants the following day!

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1157-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 1-1007

We have officially wrapped up day one of fresh inc 2015! Dan Visconti and Stacy Garrop are back as composers-in-residence to work alongside Fifth House Ensemble for the next two weeks at University of Wisconsin-Parkside!

Fresh Inc - Day 1-1024

Everyone came in on Sunday afternoon and we kicked things off with s’mores – a fresh inc tradition! Everyone got to hang out and get to know each other before the music begins. Eric “Deuce” Heidbreder even treated us to a live performance of a special original song!

Fresh Inc - Day 2-1002

Monday morning started off with an opening meeting, followed by a Rehearsal Techniques workshop. Afterwards we started breakout sessions for composers and auditions for our three run-out performances later on this week! Clark and Herine got right to work and programmed some of these concerts over dinner later on.

Fresh Inc - Day 2-1022

After everyone had some time to start rehearsing, faculty put on a salon performance of some of Dan and Stacy’s work to really kick things off and get people inspired for the weeks to come! We’re all looking forward to our performance at the Milwaukee Art Museum tomorrow morning and then digging in to some more material!

Fresh Inc - Day 2-1061


2014 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
Constellation Chicago
Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dan Visconti – Ramble and Groove
for solo bassoon

Dai Wei – Alchemy
for flute, harp, and harp

Andrew Norman – Beneath Your Feet
for flute, harp, and percussion

Anna Meadors – Of Lightness
for flute, flute, oboe, oboe, clarinet, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, bass

Zac Lavender – Broken Consort
for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello

Daniel Morel – Prairie Polka
for flue, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Craig Davis Pinson – Mercurial
for five clarinets

Emma Logan – Darker than Blue
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano

Alex Temple – Party at the Last Resort
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano