fresh inc 2014 — day 11


The final Thursday of fresh inc 2014 was an intense rehearsal and lesson day for the participants.

fresh inc - week 2-1194

Instrumentalists spent most of the day in rehearsals or lessons and practicing, and some of the fresh inc 2.0 participants had meetings with faculty members to work on their projects.

fresh inc - week 2-1171

The composers had a forum with Stacy and Dan on self promotion, and a coupe of composers gave their presentations as well.

fresh inc - week 2-1178

Following dinner, we had an exciting double Skype session with composers Austin Wintory and Hummie Mann.

Austin went first and talked about how he came to compose music for video games, and he filled us in on his fascinating story of being introduced to music and composition and what got him interested.  He filled us in on current and upcoming projects, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what he’s up to next!

fresh inc - week 2-1114 (1)

After we spoke with Austin for a while, we dialed in Hummie Mann.  Hummie talked about his work in film and television composition, his path to where he is now, and upcoming projects!

fresh inc - week 2-1122 (1)

It was great to hear some incredible insights from experts in the field of media composition, and this evening’s session definitely opened up many doors in the minds of our participants!