fresh inc 2014 — days 8 & 9


Monday was our day off, so there’s not too much to report!  Faculty members hit up their favorite Kenosha food place — Captain Mike’s, and our participants went to the beach, explored Kenosha, and did some practicing.

fresh inc - week 2-1110

The second Tuesday of fresh inc got us back into the swing of things bright and early!

For the first half of the morning, we had more rehearsals, composition lessons, and composer presentations.

fresh inc - week 2-1101

The second half of the morning found us in a couple workshops.  John Henes returned for a second Alexander Technique workshop with our instrumentalists.  John, who teaches Alexander Technique at Northwestern University, did demonstrations with some of our participants.

fresh inc - day 8-1137

The composers had a workshop with Dan & Stacy on producing and commercial works.

fresh inc - day 10-1010

After lunch, we had one of our most popular workshops — fundraising!  For the first part of the workshop, Kevin Clark, a composer who also works at New Music USA and happens to be an expert on crowd funding, talked about the ins and outs of crowd funding, answered questions, and even highlighted a few of our participants who raised their fresh inc tuition through crowd funding this year!

fresh inc - day 8-1129

For the second part of the workshop, Melissa talked about fundraising through grant writing and individual donations.

We broke the afternoon up with some more rehearsing and composer presentations, and then we all came back together for a workshop on sales and budgets, which was lead by Melissa and 5HE’s program director Anna Duncan.  We were excited to have Anna with us on campus for the day!

fresh inc - week 2-1135

Dinner followed our sales and budgets workshop, and after dinner, Anna and other 5HE faculty members rehearsed with the participants who signed up to go to the Boys and Girls Club the following day.  In one room, Jani, Deuce, and Stacy worked with a group to rehearse 5HE’s Young Composer workshop, and in another room, Clark & Valerie lead the rehearsal on Music Can Tell A Story.  Anna floated between the two rehearsals to give her expertise when needed!

fresh inc - week 2-1136

Stay tuned for an update for day 10, which includes our visit to the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha!