Guest Speakers

Guest speakers join Fifth House Ensemble on campus for in-person or Skype workshops, bringing a diverse range of vision and experience to support these two weeks of artistic discovery. Our guest experts have included graphic artists, marketing executives, theatre directors and renowned composers, leading interactive workshops that will help you to redefine your artistic vision.

Kevin Clark

Cliff Colnot

Daniel Dorff

Hummie Mann

Composer, Product Manager,

Philanthropy Consultant 

(via Skype)

Director of Orchestra Activities,

DePaul University

Vice President,

Theodore Presser Company

(via Skype)

Emmy-winning composer,

Seattle Film Institute (via Skype)

Michael Rohd

Shane Shanahan

Paul Wang

Founding Artistic Director,

Sojourn Theatre (via Skype)

World Percussionist,

Co-Artistic Director,

Silk Road Ensemble (via Skype)

Associate Professor,

Integrated Marketing &


Northwestern University