Kickstarter: Lost Islands, a project by the Cygnus Trio

The Cygnus Trio (alums 2017) has recently launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming tour in August! They start touring in Montreal on August 10th and will be traveling through Ontario to the Algoma region. To help make this a reality, please consider donating to assist them with travel costs, venue rentals, artists and composition fees!

Sound, music, images, geography: all these concepts influence our memory. Think of a place from
your childhood. What do you hear, what do you see? How can you describe this feeling of
remembering the past? In a sense, the places we have made our homes and have now left are lost to
us; we may be able to physically return, but our memories preserve it in a different way. Stories of
islands which disappear after a first discovery or even after being inhabited for a time permeate
Canadian folklore, from the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence to more isolated islands in the
Great Lakes and beyond. The prevalence of these stories suggests a deep collective sorrow for
remembered times and places which, once gone, are gone forever.

The Cygnus Trio, in collaboration with composers with deep geographical ties, offers a program of
music and poetry reflecting on this loss and the relationship between memory and location. The
program features works by four Canadian composers, folk tunes, and poetry. Anita Perry and
Selwyn Redivo offers musical meditations upon the landscape of the Okanagan Valley, past home of
brothers Ben (flute) and Jonathan (guitar), and the trio will premiere Ontario native Arie Van de
ven’s Algoma Miniatures. The musical components of the program are tied together with literary reflections by W. B. Yeats, Jane Urquhart, and Nancy Holmes, tying a deep sense of place to the remembrance of the past.

They will also be recording an album of the music that they have premiered over the years, including music by fellow fresh inc alumni Patrick Walker and Karalyn Schubring!