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Expert individual instruction with composition and instrumental artist faculty.

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New music presented in new ways – create performance experiences for audiences of all types.

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Fifth House Ensemble

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"fresh inc is a captivating experience for a young performer or composer at the beginning stages of a career in the arts. It instills in each participant a love of making and writing music that is innovative and barrier breaking — and pushes us as musicians to embrace the new with open arms. Alongside 5HE, we’re redefining what it means to belong to the world of classical music. Watch out world!"
- Danielle, Class of 2013


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It’s day 4, and time for our first off-campus public performance at the Milwaukee Art Museum, as part of their Target Free Thursdays! We performed in the front lobby, near this gorgeous walkway. We couldn’t have asked for a better space to showcase some wonderful music, and the talents of our performers. Millie was in on the act as well, being her thoroughly modern self in front of the glass sculpture that sits in the entryway. She also was on […]

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It’s day 3, and after a long morning of rehearsals, we gather after lunch for one of our favorite sessions: the public speaking workshop. How many of us don’t get nervous before going on stage to perform? And when we have to say a few words to the audience, that amps up the pressure even more. Enter our resident public speaking expert and pianist, Adam Marks, who takes us through an activity that highlights the different ways that artists traditionally present […]

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What a great second day! We started things off with instrumental lessons, then off to a couple of lightning-speed workshops. The first was Arts Start-Up, a session in which Melissa led the participants through the process of identifying their artist/mission statements, figuring out what musical activities they’d like to pursue, then determining the best business structure to support their artistic vision. We even had some drawing fun with crayons! Following that, an educational outreach session with Crystal, which began with […]

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