Raymundo Jacinto, Tangomani! Tango in Bassoon Solo Literature

Ray Jacinto, Eclipse Wind Trio bassoonist, has finished his graduate program, and he is currently working as a freelance bassoonist and EMT in Philadelphia.

On November 6, 2012, Ray heads to Humboldt State University, home of fresh inc composer Justino Perez, to give a recital lecture called “Tangomani! Tango in Bassoon Solo Literature.”

“The research project explores the influence of tango on Western Classical music literature. Using bassoon solo literature as a central medium, this research project explores the history and development of a musical style that crossed over multiple socioeconomic classes becoming an international phenomenon and ended up in bassoonist’s music folders. Tango has only been around since the 1890’s yet its influence has spread from brothels in Buenos Aires, tea parties in Pairs, movies in Hollywood and concert halls around the world.
This project sheds light on the potential diversity of styles available to classical musicians today and hopes to begin connecting today’s audiences and musicians to Latin American cultures. Music students will see how modern day performance practice (ability to play a piece as it was intended) is achieved through research of a styles history and social significance. This lecture recital will combine PowerPoint lecture and live performance of a least three solo bassoon works.”