Day: October 31, 2014

Peep Show at Links Hall

Alex Temple will be the featured composer for the November 3rd entry in Links Hall’s “Peep Show” series. Choreographers Ayako Kato and Enid Smith will create movement in real time, in two different studios, and incorporate audience suggestions to accompany the piece, titled It’s hard to even say it (by Alex Temple and Jenny Olivia Johnson).    

Kafka Fragments

  Following a successful performance in Washington D.C., 2013 alumni Megan Ihnen and duo partner, violinist Martha Morrison Muehleisen, will be taking “Kafka Fragments” to Colorado to perform at the University of Colorado in January of 2015.  

David Raksin Arrangements

In an evening celebrating classic film songs, Brin Solomon‘s arrangements of David Raksin songs were recently performed by Michael Feinstein at Carnegie Hall. Premiered in a short-running stage show in 1966, one song, titled “The Wind in the Willows,” has not been recorded or performed since this date.  

Recital: Book of Spells

Highlighted by the world premiere of Chelsea Komschlies’ new work titled Book of Spells and accompanying visual artwork, The Magic Deuce present their latest recital on November 16th, at 6:00pm at Bryan Recital Hall (Bowling Green State University).