A Composer’s Big Bang – Heisenberg Uncertainty Players at the Wire


2013 alum John Dorhauer will have a featured piece on the upcoming Heisenberg Uncertainty Players concert at the Wire on October 18th, 2017. The piece is a 9-movement multimedia suite called “We Tear Down Our Coliseums”, in which each movement is written as an homage to a baseball stadium that has been destroyed. John’s brother, Adam, created original paintings to accompany each movement that will be featured in the performance.

“The idea of building a concert (and in this case, creating a piece of music) around a theme that is unique and would appeal to a curious and diverse audience is one I got from the festival. Though we are a jazz big band, this is a performance that will appeal to fans of baseball, architecture, art, and history alike. I have also been marketing the concert with strategies I picked up from the festival, including contacting target audiences such as schools, blogs covering baseball, art, and architecture, and baseball beat writers.” – John writes on how attending Fresh Inc helped to create this project.

“Coliseums” will be their first set, and will be followed by a second set of other original works. The Riverside-Brookfield High School Jazz Ensemble will be opening the evening. They will also be performing on WGN’s Midday News on 10/17 (11 AM hour) to promote the performance.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Players: “We Tear Down Our Coliseums”
ft. Riverside-Brookfield High School Jazz Ensemble
Wednesday, October 18
6:30 PM
$10/$12 doors
$5 students