Alexa Letourneau

Composer, 2020

Alexa Letourneau is a composer, flutist, singer, and educator who believes in the power of music and art to enact positive change at a personal and global level, and has therefore devoted her life to the strengthening of this positive force. An Ohio native, Alexa began playing the flute at eight years old. Within weeks, she was taping 5 pens together to draw a staff on which she could begin composing. Alexa’s works have been performed in Austria, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United States. Gabriele Proy, composer-in-residence at the Vienna Radio Philharmonic, describes Alexa’s works as “poignant and intriguing, yet whimsical”. Alexa is passionate about using art for social change, be it speaking out against gun violence or composing specifically for LGBTQ+ performers. As a performer, Alexa has specialized in the bookends of the classical genre: early music (pre-1750, with an emphasis on early polyphony,) and new music, frequently playing premieres and workshopping pieces with living composers. Alexa is not only a musician, however; she spends her free time developing bizarre recipes, writing poetry, screaming into the void, and cross-stitching.

Learn more about Alexa’s work on Facebook, YouTube, and her website.