Allison Schafernak

Clarinet, 2014

Always inspired by the humanistic heart of music, Allison Schafernak is fascinated by music’s ability to break down the personal walls that are instinctively built between complete strangers. As a clarinetist and vocalist, she enjoys delving into various musical genres always with the passion for incorporating music into everyday life. Allison looks forward to a future filled with musical collaborations after growing as a musician during her time at fresh inc festival. Irreplaceable moments experienced from tours throughout the Midwest and Japan allowed Allison to pursue her dedication to connecting with an array of audiences through the world of music. She has enjoyed performing her clarinet in a variety of ensembles ranging from various chamber groups and orchestras to being featured as a soloist with the Carthage Choir at the 2014 WCDA Convention. Whatever the setting, she is convinced of music’s positive impact on the human experience. Her musical curiosity has been ignited and fueled by her clarinet professor, Jennifer Woodrum. In Spring Semester 2015, she will receive her B.A. in Clarinet and Vocal Performance from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. This fall, she looks forward to planning her senior recital and soloing with the Carthage Wind Orchestra both at the 2014 WMEA Convention and during their Fall Tour. Excited for the future ahead, Allison is eager to learn all of the lessons that music will continue to teach her.

Anna Meadors – Of Lightness
for flute, flute, oboe, oboe, clarinet, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, bass

Daniel Morel – Prairie Polka
for flue, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Craig Davis Pinson – Mercurial
for five clarinets