Amy Ian Hardemon

Composer, 2021

Amy Ian Hardemon [they/them] (b. 1998) is a composer and clarinetist that utilizes an effervescent rhythmic language paired with nuanced textural development to draw feelings of change, exploration, and novelty. Often inspired by the fluidity of expression and interpretation, they showcase a wide array of sonic diversity when approaching a work and aim to create a world within a world. 

Their works have been selected to be premiered at 49th Navy Band Saxophone Symposium, biennial North American Saxophone Alliance Regional, 2020 SoundNOW Festival, 2020 Charlotte New Music Festival, 2021 Fresh Inc Festival, and the 4th Annual Anatolia College Music Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece and have written for artists such as Robin Meiksens, SpacePants, Heartland Marimba Quartet, and Hypercube. 

As a performer, they have engaged in many premieres and consortiums for clarinet and chamber music, including the works of Nickitas Demos, Bethany Younge, Philip Wharton, Ian Weise, and T’Anna McIntyre. They have performed in masterclasses for Charles Neidich, Diana Haskell, and the Amacita Duo and was the recipient of the Dean’s Award and 1st place in Musical Performance for the Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference. They have also gone on to form various chamber groups such as Augmented Triad and the Albireo New Music Collective.

Their principal teachers include Brent Milam, Marc LeMay, Kenneth Long, Andy Hudson, Anthony Taylor, and Mark Engebretson.