Andrew Burke

Composer, 2018

Andrew Burke is interested in exploring music’s ability to address and elucidate complex social and political issues. His work uses music’s natural ambiguity and expressive capabilities to open up fraught discourse to a higher level of emotional sensitivity. 

Burke began writing music in high school as a pop musician. His former band, The Da Vincis, released their debut album during their Junior year, which Robert Christgau praised for displaying a “bossa-tinged mastery of the three-minute pop song.” In conjunction with popular music, Burke has studied piano performance for nearly 20 years with various teachers including Lynn Raley, who introduced him to repertoire from 20th century composers like Schoenberg and Prokofiev. During his piano studies, Burke placed first two years in a row at the Mississippi Music Teacher’s Association annual piano competition for college Freshmen and Sophomores. After discovering classical composition, Burke studied with Ingrid Arauco and Curt Cacioppo at Haverford College, where he graduated with departmental high honors.

Burke has continued to release critically acclaimed pop music under the moniker Danke Shane and just completed post-production on a short experimental documentary, You Are Here, which he directed and scored. He currently lives in New York City and works in political communications.

For more information about Andrew, please check out his website.

Andrew Burke – Ebgajd
for trombone, viola, cello, double bass