Andy Normann

Composer, 2014
Andy Normann is a composer who aspires to write music of visceral physicality, often inspired by his interest in literature and socio-political culture. His early fascination with folk music has had a lasting impact on his work; recent compositions have included the chamber work “Venceremos” based on a Latin American revolutionary song, as well as the trombone quartet “Sobashiya Abazali,” which takes as its source material a South African anti-apartheid anthem.
Andy’s music has been performed by the Archaea Tree Ensemble, Quartetto Bruson, and the West Chester University Trombone Ensemble, among others.  While at West Chester University, he was Co-Artistic Director of Danza Symbiotica (an annual collaboration between student composers and choreographers), president of the NOW Music Society, and taught composition at the university’s Community Music School.  He has participated in the Fresh Inc. festival (2014) and the highSCORE New Music Festival in Pavia, Italy (2013). He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Theory & Composition from West Chester University of Pennsylvania where he studied with Robert Maggio, Van Stiefel, Adam Silverman, Mark Rimple, and Larry Nelson.  Andy is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree in composition at Bowling Green State University, where he has studied with Christopher Dietz and Marilyn Shrude.

Andrew Norman – Beneath Your Feet
for flute, harp, and percussion