Balagan Duo

Balagan Duo, 2019

Definition: the moment between the calm and the storm, the chaos where everything is in its place and all that matters is the experience that will follow. 

This definition remains at the heart of every Balagan Duo endeavor. Regardless of whether they are performing traditionally Classical pieces, newly commissioned works, accompanying Singer/Songwriters, or enjoying free improvisation, Balagan Duo interweaves genres to provide a space in which people understand more about themselves than they knew walking in. Balagan Duo propagates and thrives on moments of openness, where musicians and audiences alike are free to shed themselves of daily distractions. To them, the moment lives within the experience the music creates and the energetic interplay between all involved. 

Audrey Maxner, violinist, and Infinity Willner, guitarist, entered into their dynamic musical partnership in 2016 while studying at the Peabody Conservatory. They quickly realized their aligned passions for music beyond institutional walls and banded together to explore the thriving community of independent artists in Baltimore. In their search for creative expansion, they discovered artists and spaces that broadened their own scope of musicality. They became core team members of Sofar Sounds: Baltimore, running back-of-house for a pop-up concert series designed to bring together artists and audiences from all backgrounds with the goal of fostering a positive, creative space. They collaborated with artists such as Christen B., recording with her on songs for her new album “Good Grief,” investigated the sensory communication laying at the intersection of dance and music, performed at the local LGBTQ+ center for various community gatherings, and took part in experimental performance art shows and concerts throughout the city. After some time, they returned to their beginnings with their newfound perspectives and decided to formalize their duo in the eyes of the institution, beginning their coachings with Julian Gray, world-renowned chamber musician and pedagogue.

At the core of this duo is two people who were lucky enough to cross paths while searching for unrestrained human connections. In a world that is endlessly shifting, Balagan is the place where a moment is put into balance. To Balagan Duo, this balance is rooted within the musical moment – the permanent now. Through their partnership, they have begun to discover the essence of humanity: being present and unified – not just in the music they make, but in their development as humans and artists in the twenty-first century as well.

WINDED, NOT BREATHLESS — Hannah Boissonneault

for flute, violin, classical guitar

Otredades — Sergio Delgado

for violin, classical guitar

Toward Something — Gunter Gaupp

for classical guitar, violin