Bedford Concert Hall Final Performance, 2013

2013 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings Bedford Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Sunday, June 23, 2013



2013 fresh inc festival Closing Concert Recordings
Bedford Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dan Visconti – Ramble and Groove
for solo bassoon; Performed by Karl Rzasa


Evan Williams – Grime
for violin, viola, cello and double bass; Performed by Andrew Williams, Rachael Claire Eid-Ries, William Gage Ehmann, and Andrew O’Connor


Matthew Entwistle – Midnight Arboretum
for two Saxophones and piano; Performed by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andy Hall, and Jani Parsons


Nick Baskin – Aubade
for viola, flute, and harp; Performed by Emlyn Johnson, Clark Carruth, and Jennifer R. Ellis


Matthew Kline – Four Perspectives
for oboe, viola, bassoon, and percussion; Performed by Crystal Hall, Kelly Kasle, Marta Honer, and Chris Sies


Shawn Jaeger – In Old Virginny
for mezzo-soprano and double bass; Performed by Megan Ihnen and Eric Snoza


Justin Giarrusso – September Scrapbook
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano; Performed by Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Jacobsen Woollen, and Ryan Greene


Kevin Wilt – Groove Incubation
for 2 double basses, 2 cellos, and 2 violas; Performed by Marta Honer, Rita Andrade, Jacobsen Woollen, William Gage Ehmann, Eric Snoza, Milo Fultz


Grace Xu Schott – Lift Up Your Voice to the Clouds
for mezzo-soprano, piano, and viola; Performed by Megan Ihnen, Clark Carruth, and Deborah K. Hui


Seunghee Lee – Quintet
for clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, and double bass; Performed by Crystal Hall, Jennifer Woodrum, Danielle Simandl, Rita Andrade, Matthew Kline


Tomás Gueglio – Sur la !ûte traversière
for clarinet, flute, violin, cello, piano, and percussion; Performed by Emlyn Johnson, Jennifer Woodrum, Andrew Williams, W. Gage Ehmann, Ryan Greene, and Chris Sies


Patrick O’Malley – Changes
for violin, cello, and saxophone; Performed by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Andrew Williams, William Gage Ehmann