Brian Moose

Oboe, 2021

Brian Moose is currently a first-year graduate student studying at De Paul University for Oboe Performance under the instruction of Alex Klein. With Mr. Klien a particular area of study of his has been the linguistic influences on phrasing within western art music in orchestra, chamber, and solo settings. As a performer he has enjoyed many roles in both large ensembles and chamber groups. While studying at Brigham Young University, he toured both Australia and Asia, performing with singer Patrice Tapoki and well the Beijing Central Conservatory Orchestra among others. In summer of 2016 he studied with the Imani Wind Quintet at the Mannes School of Music. He has experience as a studio musician, notably appearing in the sound tracks for One Fold, One Shepard (2018) and a soon-to-be published documentary on the music of Max Steiner, who is sometimes called ‘the father of film music’. 

Currently the owner of a financial firm focusing on bookkeeping and advisory services, Brian has had the opportunity to help businesses in various industries optimize efficiency within their businesses. This has included industries such as fire arms & ammunition, medical practices, and music (of course). Due to this interest, Brian has published works on ‘Physician Compensation Models’ through Utah State University and has enjoyed recognition for his presentations on the same topic. It is one of Brian’s professional ambitions to combat the ‘starving artist’ frame that many classical musician’s find themselves facing.