Carolyn Kelley

Flute & Piccolo, 2019

Carolyn Kelley is an entrepreneurial individual. She is a performer, composer, business owner, and salesperson in the music world. She has performed in many different settings, both traditional and unique—from the concert hall to a hospital room. She enjoys collaborating as an instrumentalist with her composer peers, bringing their works to life. She has arranged many Lutheran hymns at an advanced level for flute and piano, filling a hole in the religious musical field, and her first book of arrangements will be published in 2020. As an entrepreneur, she is always looking for opportunities to make people’s lives better. She is the owner of Brio Music Delivery, a musical delivery service that provides live performances to hospitalized patients and nursing home residents in an on-demand manner. She believes this isn’t simply about entertainment, but about bringing the healing benefits of music to individuals that cannot access them. She also has an interest in the sales and repair of fine instruments, primarily spurred on by an internship with Flute Specialists, Inc. in 2019.

She graduated from Ball State University in 2019, with a degree in Music Education and a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Music. She was one of the first to graduate with this new certificate, which helped her realize her entrepreneurial goals and mindset. She studied with Dr. Mihoko Watanabe, who encouraged her to be a better person as well as flutist. She has studied at several different music festivals, including Fresh Inc. Festival, a program that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and collaboration between today’s composers and instrumentalists. Carolyn is open-minded in her activities even outside of music. When not working on musical activities, she can be found writing her second novel, stitching handmade books, petting cats, or dyeing her hair yet another vivid color.

WINDED, NOT BREATHLESS — Hannah Boissonneault

for flute, violin, classical guitar

Ella — Kathryn Blake

for flute, viola, harp