Center for New Music, Helia Music Collective, Opera Theatre Unlimited and the Fête Concert Series

2014 composition alum Emma Logan has been up to a lot in the last three years. Read below for all the fantastic updates on her career and projects she is involved in!

For 2017 – 2019, Emma will serve as a curator for the Center for New Music in San Francisco. Each curator is responsible for presenting 6 concerts a year. In collaboration with both local, national, and international composers/performers, Emma will present programs featuring women as the primary creator. She’s hosted 5 concerts already with 2 more scheduled.

Emma recently founded Helia Music Collective, an organization that supports the creative endeavors of women in music throughout the Bay Area. They collaborated with Siroko Duo, a San Francisco-based flute duo, for our first concert on March 25, 2017. The program featured works by Julie Barwick, Shulamit Ran, Izabel Austin, and Jane Rigler, as well as the world-premiere of new works by Chelsea Lowe and myself. Their next collaboration is in the works for the fall of 2018

At the end of April, Emma participated in Opera Theater Unlimited‘s first ever 48-Hour Opera Festival. Teams comprising of a composer, librettist(s), singers, pianist, and a stage director collaborated to create a completely new opera from beginning to end in only 48 hours. Here’s a video of her team’s final performance.

Last, but not least, Emma is one of the composers-in-residence for the Fête Concert Series, a series that presents classical recitals to celebrate composers and artists in true birthday fashion, complete with cake, party hats, and “Happy Birthday” arranged in the style of the composer being celebrated.