Conner Wittman

Composer, 2020

Conner Wittman is a composer currently studying undergraduate composition at Bradley University with a minor in entrepreneurship. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, although he would prefer to live in a warmer climate. In addition to playing piano and percussion in ensembles, he enjoys watching movies and playing video games with his friends. His aspirations include being a professional composer of soundtracks and concert works.

He has created many works for the concert stage, as well as two contrasting soundtracks to student videogames. His concert works tend to use advanced harmonies while following classical forms, while his soundtracks are written around the narrative and game mechanics of the games they are a part of. He draws inspiration from various musical sources in order to write in a wide variety of styles. Many of his concert works draw inspiration from nature and the world
around him.

Find out more about Conner and his work on SoundCloud.