Daniel Hoppe

Cello, 2018

Cellist Daniel Hoppe shares his infectious joy of music as a performer and teacher. He has appeared as a soloist with the Carleton College Symphony Orchestra and the University of Kentucky Philharmonia as well as participating in music festivals around the world, including the Festival de Paques in France, Astona International in Switzerland, the Manchester Chamber Music Festival in Vermont, and the Brevard Music Festival in North Carolina.  Sought after both as a chamber and orchestral player, Daniel has performed with the Lexington Chamber Orchestra, and the Lexington Philharmonic in addition to being a former member of the Verdi String Quartet in residence at the University of Kentucky, and the Lexington String Trio.  Currently, he performs with the Glen Piano Trio and Tawa String Quartet throughout the Chicagoland area. Danny is an avid collaborator. He frequently works with contemporary composers to premiere new works, and performs as part of folk and jazz ensembles. He is also passionate about bridging artistic forms. He has performed in connection with dancers, actors, poets and visual artists. Previously on the faculty at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, Daniel currently teaches at the Chicago Center for Music Education and at the Music Institute of Chicago. His principal teachers include Benjamin Karp, Andrew Mark, Tanya Carey, Thomas Rosenberg and David Hoppe.

Steven Gerber – Three Folksong Transformations For Violin, Cello And Piano

Michael Shingo Crawford – teru teru bouzu
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, soprano, piano

David Fisher – The Brother’s Revenge
for flute, cello, piano

Niko Schroeder – genealogy I
for violin, cello, piano