Fabian Beltran

Composer, 2014

fabian beltran-1003

Fabian Beltran was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he gained interest in music at an early age and became a proficient guitarist. Without formal training Fabian was immersed in a diverse array of popular and folk musical genres that later influenced his compositional style. Currently, he is completing a B.A. in Music Composition at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he is furthering his studies in piano, violin, and composition.

As an undergraduate student, Fabian has been awarded first place in the Texas Young Composers Competition (Voices of Change Russell Horn Award), first place in the UTSA College of Fine Arts Music Competition of 2013 and 2014, 2nd place in the 2013-Memphis Belvedere Chamber Music Composition Competition, and received the UTSA Reed Holmes Music Composition Award.

His compositions have won performances by members of the Luna Nova chamber ensemble, the Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance, and the Portico Dans Theatre of Oklahoma. In addition, his music was recently featured in the Soundscapes Festival at Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, and the Vox Novus Fifteen Minutes of Fame concert series in New York City.

Presently, Fabian is an active performer with the UTSA New Music Ensemble (piano), the UTSA symphonic orchestra (violin), and teaches piano at the San Antonio Music Academy.

Fabian Beltran – Nereid
for flute, harp, and percussion