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While much of your time spent at the festival will be spent writing, rehearsing, and playing music, there are plenty of other fun things to do in you free time!  Carthage College is set on a beautiful and picturesque campus, and it has some wonderful facilities you can use to have some fun & recreation.  Check out some of your options:

  • You can play outdoor volleyball.
  • You can take a walk or a run along some trails or the beautiful Lake Michigan beach.
  • You can also just hang out on the beach.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can run or walk on the track.
  • There are facilities to play racquetball, basketball, badminton, or ping pong.
  • And there is also an outdoor open field space where you can play games and sports such as tossing a Frisbee or throwing a baseball.
  • The Pike Bike Trail, which connects to the campus, allows you to tour the surrounding area on foot, bicycle, or inline skates. The scenic trail runs along the Lake Michigan shoreline, past two historic lighthouses, through three National Register Historic Districts, and more.


There are also a few activities that cost a little bit of money.  For a small fee, you can:

  • Climb the climbing wall (yes, we have a climbing wall).
  • Go swimming outside of free swim hours.
  • Take dance or tennis lessons.

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