Fernand ben Qvyjt

Composer, 2019

An aspiring renaissance man, Fernand ben Qvyjt is known for his infinite curiosity, fascination, and passion for the expansive world of music shown in his compositions. His inspirations have been primarily derived from his family’s love for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and from film and video games such as Star Wars and NieR: Automata. Outside of those influences, having been raised in a multicultural household, he has been widely exposed to music outside of Classical such as Colombian Vallenato and Cumbia, Spanish Flamenco, Yeminite Homayni and al-Ghina al-San’ani, Dutch Folk, and lastly Polish Polka. 

Fernand is always eager to gain a better understanding of instruments, harmonies, and ways of thinking that are completely out of his typical environment. In addition to having a developed understanding of the piano, he is currently studying as a guitarist, vocalist, harpsichordist, organist, and cellist. His continued involvement with the Lake Forest College Concert and Chamber Choir has benefited him in having a better. He is excited to have had the premiere of both his song “The Beauty of Simplicity to Love: An Ode to Life” and of his career as a composer in the professional world outside of his studies.

Some of his current projects involve an Electronic Meditation album, as well as a short pop opera/ musical called “Rostravinsky’s Magnificent, Magical, and Dazzling Circus Emporium.” He is working towards his B.F.A. in Music and English Writing currently at Lake Forest College in Illinois.

The Beauty of Simplicity to Love — Fernand ben Qvyjt 

for flute, cello, piano, conductor