fresh inc 2.0

You’ve attended workshops, gabbed with the team, fought for a Millie, and traipsed across Chicago with your fellow composers & performers…so what next?

The Fresh Inc. Festival is excited to announce the Fresh Inc. 2.0 experience for all participants returning to the Fresh Inc. Festival. These musicians & composers will still have the chance to compose, perform and learn alongside members of Fifth House Ensemble, but will have the additional opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice.

With support from Fifth House Ensemble musicians and staff, as well as composers Dan Visconti and Stacy Garrop, the participants of Fresh Inc. 2.0 will:

  • Identify a unique, ambitious project to apply skills learned at the Fresh Inc. Festival,
  • Brainstorm with 5HE & Fresh Inc. staff in the spring to begin project planning,
  • Meet with 5HE staff every 2 weeks through June to check in and continue with the project planning,
  • Collaborate with up to 4 members of the Fresh Inc. faculty/staff during the Festival to complete and implement the project,
  • Contribute to the Fresh Inc. Festival directly through the project or through other experiences,
  • Lead a workshop that details the project for everyone at the Fresh Inc. Festival, and
  • Serve as mentors to first-year participants of the Fresh Inc. Festival.

Example project ideas include:

  • Writing a grant for a new composition or related project,
  • Programming, planning, and executing the Fresh Inc. salon concerts,
  • Building a website or self-marketing plan to be launched at the end of the festival,
  • Creating a multi-disciplinary concert experience for your audience at home, or
  • (insert your amazing ideas here)!


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