Fresh Inc 2013: Day 10 Recap

Day 10 at fresh inc dawned nice and sunny, and most of our participants were able to have a slow start to the day.  First thing that morning, we had a run through rehearsal for our Make Music Chicago Grand Final concert, which included GRIME by fresh inc composer Evan Williams.

ezra and arts 2.0-1013

We continued the morning with rehearsals and composition lessons, and the festival composers were all assigned a time to meet with a 5HE member to practice their spoken introductions of their pieces for our final performances.

ezra and arts 2.0-1006

Chicago artists Ezra Claytan Daniels, of Black Violet writing and illustrating fame, joined us for lunch before our afternoon of workshops!

ezra and arts 2.0-1018

ezra and arts 2.0-1021

ezra and arts 2.0-1032

After lunch, Ezra lead a Music and Storytelling workshop, during which he talked about the artistic process he used while he was collaborating with 5HE to create Black Violet.  fresh inc participants were given the chance to create and present their own music & storytelling presentations using an excerpt from the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor.

ezra and arts 2.0-1038

ezra and arts 2.0-1055

ezra and arts 2.0-1077

We took a quick break after Ezra’s workshop, and then Melissa and Eric led the group through the Putting Your Audience Center Stage workshop.

ezra and arts 2.0-1112

After one more rehearsal block and set of lessons, we had dinner and were able to unpack some of the things we talked about during the day.

salon night 3-1013

salon night 3-1032

Day 10 closed with our third salon night, during which we heard even more incredible music by our amazing participants!  Featured this night were a number of pieces that were rehearsed at the festival but ended up not being programmed on one of our final concerts.

salon night 3-1045

salon night 3-1037