Fresh Inc 2013: Day 11 Recap

Day 11 of fresh inc started with a run through of our Nichols Hall final performance.  All instrumentalists who were performing and all composers who were having their pieces played came together with faculty to not only play the program in concert order, but also to rehearse piece introductions!  And Carole & the concert operations volunteer, composer Nick Baskin, took lots of notes on what chairs and stands got moved where between pieces!  




We continued the morning with lessons and rehearsals, and after lunch we had another block including a composer forum, lessons, and rehearsals.  Plus a number of participants spent the time they weren’t in rehearsals or lessons preparing for their final business plan presentations or practicing!




Next up was a publishing workshop!  Lawson White, president of Good Child Music, was Skyped in for the first half of the presentation, and Stacy and Dan finished the second half with additional publishing and contracting information.

contract workshop-1001

contract workshop-1004

contract workshop-1009

contract workshop-1010

After the workshop, we had some more rehearsing and lessons, and then we headed to dinner.


salon night 4-1001

salon night 4-1034

Thursday night, our amazing participants decided to organize an additional salon night!  We had only scheduled three participant salon nights (plus the faculty one on the first day), but the participants felt that there was so much music that needed to be shared and given the chance to perform, that they would give up a free night to have an additional salon.  And wow, was it totally worth it!  Our final salon night was filled with incredible music, including pieces by composers at the festival and traditional rep that ended up not being programmed on a final concert, and more spirit and a greater sense of community than any of us on Team 5HE could have hoped for for this amazing group of musicians!

salon night 4-1025

salon night 4-1029

salon night 4-1008