Fresh Inc 2013: Day 2 Recap


We had a pretty amazing first day, but man, day 2 topped day 1!


After waking up to beautiful sunshine, we started the day off today with an education workshop led by Crystal and Eric.  With a little help from Drew, they explained the different kinds of education and outreach programs we lead, and  even demonstrated some of the activities we lead in education performances!  My favorite activity that they demonstrated involved a jump rope & the speed of its twirl and how that correlated with the tempo of the music.  Festival composer Nick Baskin help Crystal twirl the jump rope beautifully while Drew & Eric played along with the tempo.


After our education workshop, we loaded a bus for our first off site performance!  We headed to Milwaukee and our performing participants left us awestruck with their performances, accompanied by the stunning back drop of the Milwaukee coast of Lake Michigan.  Performances today featured festival participants Danielle Simandl, Rita Andrade, Matt Kline, Rachael Eid-Ries, Jennifer Ellis, Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Elmyn Johnson, and Jabez Co.  What made this performance even more exciting is that in addition to hearing instrumentalists perform, some composers also had the opportunity to perform on their primary instrument.


Once the performance was finished, we loaded the bus, headed back to campus, and Melissa & Jenny presented our Arts Start Up workshop, complete with an activity that involved crayons and an assignment for our participants.


We had time to squeeze in a rehearsal block this afternoon and a couple of composition lessons before dinner, and this evening, we rounded out the day with a workshop about budgeting with Melissa, Stacy, and Dan.


I heard through the grape vine some of our musicians were planning on rehearsing tonight, so the day isn’t quite done for all of us!  Tomorrow night we end with our first participant led salon!