Fresh Inc 2013: Day 8 Recap

The second week of fresh inc 2013 started bright and early!  We had breakfast an hour early, and then we boarded the bus for the Chicago Cultural Center for the third performance of the festival!  We battled traffic into the city, and successfully arrived on time, and then we finished sound check in an impressively efficient amount of time.

preston bradley hall-1011

preston bradley hall-1018

After our sound check, we were joined by Deborah Sobol, Creative Director of Rush Hour Concerts, for a lunch time workshop.  Deborah talked about the inception of Rush Hour, what inspired her to start the series, and her approach to programming.

debbie sobol-1032


After lunch, we rushed (pun intended!) down to Preston Bradley Hall for the performance.  For the third time this festival, we were blown away by these performances.  This concert was especially exciting because not only did we have a couple of duos perform, we also heard from larger ensembles mixed with participants and 5HE members.  These mixed ensembles were an exciting preview of what’s to come on our final performances.

preston bradley hall-1013

preston bradley hall-1059

preston bradley hall-1067

preston bradley hall-1087

preston bradley hall-1091

After the performance, we boarded the bus back to Kenosha and made it back just in time for a social media and marketing workshop, which included James Buckhouse, director of corporate design at Twitter.  We learned about websites, social media, and using a story to promote yourself.  We finished the day out with rehearsals and a relatively early evening.

debbie sobol-1008

preston bradley hall-1075

preston bradley hall-1086