Fresh Inc 2013: Day 9 Recap, part 2


And we’re back to finish filling you in on all of the exciting things that happened at the 2013 festival!  After an exciting Alexander Technique workshop with John Henes of Northwestern University, a lovely lunch on the patio outside of the dining hall, some rehearsing, and a composers workshop on speaking about music, we loaded the cars and headed to the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha for a performance of Music Can Tell A Story and a Young Composers Workshop!

day 7 - carole-1023

Festival participants Allison, Rachael, and Andrew were joined by 5HE’s Jenny to present a performance of 5HE’s music & storytelling One-Shot!, Music Can Tell A Story, for the elementary aged kids at the B&G Club.  Deborah, Kelly, and Gage were on hand to help us out with video documentation and passing out materials, as well as to observe the performance.

boys and girls club - education-1007

MCTAS started out with Rachael reading the “I will not tease Rebecca Grimes” while the rest of the musicians accompanied her.  The performance continued with the kids indicating which instrument was playing the melody using their arms!

boys and girls club - education-1012

Jenny helped the kids write their own adventure story by asking them to choose critical aspects of the story based off their interpretation of the music!  And to finish out the performance, the kids’ adventure story was read while the musical inspiration was played!  An amazing musical adventure was had by all, young and old!

boys and girls club - education-1025

boys and girls club - education-1022


While Music Can Tell A Story was happening downstairs with the younger kids, more fresh inc participants and faculty members were upstairs leading a Young Composers Workshop with the high school kids at the Boys & Girls Club!  Throughout this workshop, the kids learned about writing music and graphic scores and they were given the opportunity to create graphic scores of their own while working with festival participants.

boys and girls club-1035

boys and girls club-1031

boys and girls club-1033

Once their graphic scores were written, the B&G Club young composers presented them to the group, and the participating musicians used improvised music to perform what the kids had written!  The workshop ended with a question an answer session and a little bit of one-on-one time with everyone.

boys and girls club-1011

boys and girls club-1062

boys and girls club-1075

boys and girls club-1024

boys and girls club-1007

boys and girls club-1089


After we returned from the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, we rounded the day out with one more set of rehearsals and composition lessons, dinner, and a well deserved night off!  Stay tuned for more fresh inc 2013 recap posts!  I promise we won’t keep you waiting as long this time!