fresh inc 2014 — day 5

Day five of fresh inc started with a morning rehearsal, and Eric taking more headshots of our participants.

Day five of fresh inc started with a morning rehearsal, and Eric taking more headshots of our participants.

fresh inc - day 5-1007

After some rehearsing, we gathered for another workshop, and Sugar Vendil of the Nouveau Classical Project joined us via Skype to talk about starting new ventures and to share her story and experience with new projects, groups, and events.

fresh inc - day 5-1010

After a few more rehearsals after lunch, festival participating percussionists Kevin Rank and Andy Hall met with the composers to talk about writing for percussion and demonstrate some aspects of percussion.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1005

After that, Clark lead a great workshop on writing a good bio and cover letter.  As part of this workshop, Clark showed examples of really terrible and really great bios and cover letters to help demonstrate good structures of both and help our participants write their own versions.

fresh inc - day 5-1021

Clark also did the Goofus and Gallant of interviews.  Drew joined him to be the bad interviewee, including having his cell phone ring during the interview, and then Deuce demonstrated a great interview.  Deuce was so good, in fact, that he was able to get Clark, our violist, to make a good sound on one of his bassoon reeds.

fresh inc - day 5-1028

Don’t think we’re ignoring resumes as part of this workshop! The composers had their own forum just on writing resumes and CVs for composition, and all participants have the opportunity to review their resumes in their lessons and in advising sessions with Melissa.

fresh inc - day 5-1034

fresh inc - day 5-1041

To close out that afternoon workshop, Dan and Stacy talked about commissioning contracts.  One of the best parts of this festival is the collaborations that come out of it between our composers and instrumentalists.  And Dan & Stacy’s talk about commission contracts helps give them a base for future collaborations with each other and future collaborations with others.

fresh inc - day 5-1039

After dinner, we closed the night with one more rehearsal and some more presentations from the composers.