fresh inc 2014 — day 6

On the first Saturday of the festival, the instrumentalists had the morning off to practice or have lessons with faculty members.  The composers got together for a presentation from one of their colleagues and the first of two forums on composer resources.

fresh inc - day 8-1006

We ate lunch an hour early because after lunch we loaded up the cars and headed over to the Kenosha Public Library.

fresh inc - day 6-1047

We had an absolute blast hearing performances from our participants at the Kenosha Public Library.

fresh inc - day 6-1052

It was wonderful to hear a quiet and reverent space filled with beautiful sound and see the patrons of the library embrace the music.

fresh inc - day 6-1032

After our amazing library performance, we returned to campus for a workshop with Ezra Claytan Daniels, one of 5HE’s favorite collaborators.  Ezra wrote and illustrated 5HE’s first graphic novel series, Black Violet, and each year at fresh inc Ezra comes up to lead a workshop on music and storytelling.

fresh inc - day 8-1001

During the workshop, Ezra talks about his process of creating Black Violet, from inception to performance, and then asks the participants to create their own short music & story telling experiences.

fresh inc - day 8-1085

The music & storytelling presentations our participants were charged to create were accompanied by fresh inc participants playing the opening to Schubert’s Death and the Maiden string quartet.  After spending some time creating these presentations, we gathered together again for each group to present theirs.  These presentations are one of the highlights of the festival — people get to let loose and put their creative impulses to use in a new way!

french inc - day 8-1174

Ezra’s workshop closed out our afternoon, and after dinner, our participants had the night off to rehearse, practice, venture off campus for dinner, or, rumor has it, get together to read the Mendelssohn String Octet.

fresh inc - day 8-1097