fresh inc 2015 – Day 2

Day 2 of fresh inc started off bright and early with a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum! We loaded up buses and set up in the main hall for our first run-out performance of the festival.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1014-XL

Some of the participants who auditioned on Monday got the chance to perform solo and duo works that they brought to the festival, and a crowd of passersby quickly gathered once we began.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1034-XL

After we got back to campus, we moved straight into our Arts Startup workshop, where participants discussed the process of forming their own organizations with the founding members of Fifth House Ensemble.

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1151-XL

Finally, there was just enough time for people to get back to rehearsals at the end of the day to prepare for the next set of performances! The schedule ahead is packed for both instrumentalists and composers, so everyone hunkered down and prepared for another day of workshops and a follow-up performance with a whole new group of participants the following day!

Fresh Inc - Day 3-1157-XL