fresh inc 2015 – Day 3

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1009-XL

We started out our day with a public speaking workshop led by the two Erics! Participants learned how to introduce pieces, write program notes and more.

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1022-XL

Recording engineer Bill Maylone joined us for lunch and led another workshop where composers and instrumentalists learned the importance of a good recording, as well as what to expect when arriving at the studio for the first time.

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1035-XL

Later that afternoon we traveled to the lovely DeKoven Center in Racine for our second performance of the festival. Performers set up in St. Johns Cathedral and played a program from various corners of the room for a great end to the day!

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1052-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1065-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 4-1087-XL