fresh inc 2015 – Day 4

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1003-XL

Day 4 kicked off right after breakfast with an Educational Outreach workshop. Participants learned about some ways to effectively add an educational component to music-making, and how to tailor their experience for different school settings.


Fresh Inc - Day 5-1007-XL

After some rehearsal time and a break for lunch, graphic novelist Sarah Becan visited us to lead a workshop on music and storytelling. Having worked with Fifth House Ensemble on Luna De Cuernos, Sarah let students try to create their own stories based on a piece of music.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1035-XL

Everyone split off into groups and worked on crafting a story rather quickly!

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1024-XL

They were then asked to act them out, and that’s where the fun really began!

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1092-XL

Then members of 5HE gave advice to younger instrumentalists and composers on transitioning from college to a full-time career in music.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1098-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1108-XL

Finally, it was time to loosen up with our first open salon performance, with students and faculty presenting new original works by our composition students, improvisations and some pieces that they had been playing for years.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1128-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1141-XL

Oh, and people started trying to learn how to do this hand-whistle thing.

Fresh Inc - Day 5-1157-XL