fresh inc 2015 – Day 5

The first Friday of fresh inc 2015 began with a workshop on writing bios, resumes and interview skills.

Fresh Inc - Day 6-1002-XL

After composer-in-residence Dan Visconti got things started, 5HE cellist Herine shared the story of one of the worst interviews she ever gave, with Dan playing the part of the arrogant interviewee.

Fresh Inc - Day 6-1015-XL

Thankfully, Clark was able to step in and show students where Dan went wrong, showing everyone the proper way to handle the situation.

Fresh Inc - Day 6-1017-XL

With no other performances on the books for the day, students buckled down and continued to rehearse pieces for the final concerts at the end of next week, while composers took part in some composers forums with Dan and Stacy Garrop.

Fresh Inc - Day 6-1003-XL