fresh inc 2015 – Day 9

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1035-XL

On Wednesday, we took a handful of our participants to the local YMCA to have them lead their own outreach program.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1033-XL

They got to show their instruments off to the kids, and then gave them the opportunity to write their own graphic score pieces for different groups of musicians.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1046-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1048-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1080-XL

Guest expert Jeffrey Nytch led a workshop back on campus. A composer, performer and educator himself, he was eager to meet our young professionals and offered some case-specific advice for them.

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1026-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1002-XL

Fresh Inc - Day 11-1001-XL