fresh inc 2017 – Day 4

Henhouse Prowlers came to visit, College to Career and the first participant-led Salon Night!

Day 4 kicked off with an exciting first for the festival! Internationally-touring bluegrass group Henhouse Prowlers joined us for an extended workshop on improvisation techniques.

Fifth House has gained so much by performing with Henhouse Prowlers as part of the Voices from the Dust Bowl program that we were excited to bring them in and pass some of that on to our participants.

We split our large group up between 3 rooms, and the members of Henhouse rotated throughout the session to focus on arrangement, accompaniment and solos.

The workshop culminated in a large group performance of two bluegrass tunes that Henhouse brought in, and then they treated us to a lively performance of one of their own songs.

After lunch, two more workshops sandwiched a block of rehearsals. First up was Arts Startup, where participants were given a chance to quickly draft a mission statement and share it with everyone.

Later that evening was College to Career, where members of Fifth House detailed their unique career paths and answered questions about their journey.

Finally, after dinner it was time for our first participant-led Salon Night! Cellist Sam Johnson graciously stepped up to host, and we had some truly incredible performances!