Fresh Inc 2019 – Day 1

The 2019 Fresh Inc Festival kicks off in Kenosha WI!

We are thrilled to welcome this year’s participants to Fresh Inc! 

As we do every summer, we greet each other with s’mores and games before our crazy schedule begins.

Monday’s schedule began with a morning meeting led by Alex (our operations maven who keeps the whole festival running), followed by a rehearsal techniques workshop led by Cliff Colnot and members of Fifth House to get everyone ready for the process of bringing 23 new works to life over the next two weeks.

After a series of hilariously failed attempts at successful composer-performer interaction (because let’s face it, we love skits), we enlist the help of our participants to help Dan overcome his basest impulses in the rehearsal room…

Next, our Arts Start Up workshop begins with a fun crayons-and-paper activity to help hone our artistic voice, which we use to craft mission/artist statements and select the right business structure to support each person’s artistic vision.

Finally, we cap off the day with a faculty salon, featuring Marc Mellits’s String Quartet No. 2 and Dan Visconti’s Lonesome Roads. We end the program with Dan’s Unchained Melodies, a piece that brings the audience into the action through musical games, featuring bells, whistles, and all the toys.