Fresh Inc 2020 – Day 13

June 21, 2020

After two weeks filled with rehearsals, workshops, social events, and performances, today was the official last day of Fresh Inc 2020. Fresh Inc this year certainly wasn’t the same as it’s been in summers past – all of our workshops were virtual, we made s’mores on our stovetops, and our performer participants made more pre-recordings than they probably ever have in their entire lives – but I think we all feel grateful that we were able to spend the last two weeks creating together, regardless of not being able to meet in person. Fresh Inc 2020 demonstrated the ways that artists continue to make art in spite of (and often, inspired by) the challenges life throws at us.

We didn’t have any workshops today – instead, we started the last day of Fresh Inc 2020 with our final composer premiere concert of the festival. Emcee Eric hosted tonight’s performance, which kicked off with the world premiere of “Nothing Will Die,” written by composer Conner Wittman (Eric and Conner also bonded over their mutual love of Chicago-style pizza). Next, we heard from Sarah Jordan, whose “Isolated Reveries” was very much informed by the idea of virtual performance as well as an exploration of the effects that the pandemic has had on the individual psyche. Next we heard from Joshua Brown, whose piece “The Man Who Invented Humility” explored the concept of the artistic ego.  Eric also chatted with composer participant Brian Junod about salt potatoes (and his piece, “Mag7C Square”). Tonight’s performance closed with a premiere of “Tipping Point” by Becky Turro, along with a conversation about just what garbage a garbage plate is (as someone who’s lived in Rochester, NY for the past five years, I’ll pipe in and say that home fries, mac salad, and hamburger patties are definitely the best plate ingredients). We also heard premieres by Xenia Gilbert, Cadu Verdan, Brian Junod, and Adrian Wong.

All proceeds from tonight’s performances directly benefitted the Black Emotional And Mental Health Collective (BEAM). 

"Nothing Will Die" by Conner Wittman, performed by (clockwise, from upper-left corner) Michael Thompson, Hunter Duseau, Seok Hee Jang, Vizma Zvaigzne, and Sergio Delgado
"Isolated Reveries" by Sarah Jordan performed by (clockwise, from upper-left corner) Herine Koschak, Sarah Jordan, Tyler Pacheco, and Amalia Young
Composer participant Josh Brown discusses his piece "The Man Who Invented Humility" with Eric
(from upper left corner) Ava Shadmani, John Rogler, Sixto Franco, Torstein Johnansen, John Rogler, Parker Nelson, Eric Heidbreder, and Seok Hee Jang perform Bryan Junod's "Mag7C Square"
Randal Dennler, Hunter Duseau, and Grace Hong perform "Tipping Point" by Becky Turro