Fresh Inc 2020- Day 4

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Today began with a workshop led by Paul Wang, associate professor of integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University. Paul guided us through a conversation about the El Sistema case study that we began in small groups yesterday. This case study discussed the background of the El Sistema program, with a focus on founder José Antonio Abreu and the legacy that his program sustains through El Sistema-inspired programs across the world. Paul encouraged us to consider what our social responsibilities are as artists and how our creative skills allow us to bring unique perspectives to business scenarios.

I think most of us can agree that finances and contracts are one of the most intimidating aspects of being a professional musician (and human in general!). This afternoon’s Budgeting & Sales workshop led by Melissa and Dan covered everything from how to create a budget for your chamber ensemble to what to do when you negotiate a contract with a performance hall; making these and other financial scenarios much less intimidating.  We also had the opportunity to watch Melissa pitch a concert idea to Dan in a mock negotiation role-play scenario. 

Did you know that you can actually take amazing headshots using just your smart phone? LA-based photographer Annie Lessler taught us that you don’t need fancy camera equipment to take a great photo– instead, you can use the camera on your cell phone to create a self-portrait that captures your unique artistic identity by manipulating lighting and angles and using basic editing software. She even showed us how to capture super cool shadow portraits by using shadows cast by fancy lamps.