Fresh Inc 2020 – Day 5

Friday, June 12, 2020

How do you create a concert experience that resonates with a specific audience? This is the question Herine answered in this morning’s workshop, “Putting Your Audience Center Stage.” In this workshop, Herine pointed out that being an audience member at a poorly designed concert is like going on a bad date – the experience doesn’t feel like a good match for you, and you won’t want to go back a second time! This workshop encouraged us to put our audience at the front of our concert-designing process instead of the other way around. We even created profiles of specific (imaginary) audience members to determine how to make our concert programming match their interests and values.


We continued to explore the idea of concert programming and audience engagement through a panel conversation with our friends at the Chicago Opera Theater. Ashley Magnus (Executive Director), Lidiya Yankovskaya (Music Director), Linden Huebner (Director of Education), and Matthew Recio (Composer-in-Residence) engaged in a conversation with Fresh Inc participants about current and future programming decisions, social justice-oriented projects, and production techniques.

We ended Day 5 with our first salon concert of the festival! Both 5HE faculty and Fresh Inc participants performed a combination of new and existing works. These compositions featured everything from solo french horn to amplified paint brush on canvas. Virtual audience members had the opportunity to donate to the ACLU in order to promote anti-racism action. 

Fresh Inc tech coach and collaborator Ryan Ingebritsen performs his original composition "Reparametrization 6" with artist Melanie Brown.
Fresh Inc participant Elizabeth Easley performs "Le Monde Miniscule" for solo french horn by Daniel Schnyder.