Fresh Inc 2020 – Day 9

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Did you know that non-profits actually do require…being profitable? Melissa kicked off Day 9 of Fresh Inc 2020 with a crash course in grants and fundraising. In this workshop, we learned about the differences between for-profit and non-profit organizations, the best way to actually ask someone for money, and all about the steps you have to take in order to apply for a grant (turns out it’s a lot more than just writing about why you need money for a project!). Now we’re ready to fund ALL of the things!

Workshop with Jennifer Higdon

We also had the chance to talk with composer Jennifer Higdon today- what a treat! Jennifer opened her home studio to us (through Zoom, of course) and told us all about self-publishing, staying sane during the pandemic (or at least trying), and the importance of having a phone number on your artist website (not just a contact form!). 

"Latency Cannons" by Ray Lustig

Composer participant Alexa Letourneau led us through Thursday night’s concert- thanks Alexa for showing us how to do arts and crafts with dollar bills! The program for Thursday’s Performer Showcase included “Latency Cannons” by Ray Lustig, a work that purposefully takes advantage of the sound delay between multiple performers during simultaneous video recordings. All donated proceeds for tonight’s performance went to the National Police Accountability Project, a nonprofit organization that aims to hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct in communities across the U.S. 

Thanks Alexa for leading us through crafts in between pieces!